South Dakota Electronic Waste Recycling

If you’re looking for the best e-waste recycling company in South Dakota, All Green Electronics Recycling is the answer. This company has been serving thousands of happy clients not only in the US but also in the entire North America. We offer amazing services to both public and private institutions. We can also cater to the individual needs of the residents here. Our options are varied. We have a system that works to each and every one. Our years of experience in this industry serve as the main reason why we claim we’re the “best.” So by choosing us today, you make the most excellent decision ever.
South Dakota Electronic Waste Recycling
To be specific, we offer 5 main services such as Electronics Recycling, Computer Recycling, Data Destruction, IT Asset Disposition, as well as On-Site Hard Drive Shredding. Though these services are interrelated to one another, each of them has specific benefits. By picking one that depends on your need, you can have the greatest experience with us. We recycle your IT equipment for good. Then, we can also destroy your hard drive data and information while you watch. We’re true expert in these particular services. So why not choose us now?

For Businesses in South Dakota

All Green Electronics Recycling is proud to serve the state of South Dakota for all of its electronics recycling needs.

For businesses, please call (800) 780-0347 and ask for our Corporate and Government Account Division for more information.

South Dakota Electronics Recycling Locations

All Green Electronics Recycling’s individual residential drop-off program is in the planning stages in the state of South Dakota and will be implemented in the near future. We currently only offer pick-up service in your state. Please click below to schedule a pickup:

E-Waste Collectors • Waste Haulers

All Green Electronics Recycling can be more competitive in accepting your unwanted electronic waste than any other recycler. We serve the entire United States through our extensive network of field service agents. We offer free pickup and scheduled drop-offs of your e-scrap at any of our nationwide locations, 7 days a week.


Electronics Manufacturers • Resellers

The management of returned or obsolete computer or other electronic products is a growing concern among manufacturers, resellers and retailers today. All Green works closely with these organizations to effectively control inventory levels, redistribute obsolete products in aftermarkets, and provide end-of-life equipment destruction services.


Off-Lease Equipment Take-back

All Green Electronics Recycling will collect and remove your clients’ off-lease IT equipment from their facilities anywhere in the U.S., at no cost to them or to you. We will go to your client’s location, and if necessary, facilitate or assist in the breakdown and removal of their off-lease equipment for resale. If needed, All Green will refurbish the equipment to maximize its resale value. Once an item is sold, All Green pays you 70% of the net revenue.

Our Goals


The goal of All Green Electronics Recycling is to take unusable computers, monitors, cell phones, and other outdated electronics and ensure that none of the hazardous material ends up in a landfill. All of the end-of-life electronics we collect are recycled and processed within the United States.


The E-Waste Disposal Process

All Green is a collector and a recycler. This means that we not only come to your business or home and pick up your old electronics, but we also ensure that all of the material we collect is processed down to the basic commodities right here in North America. Most of the processing for the items we collect is conducted at our facilities in Southern California. Further processing is done at a partner facility in Northern California, and the final refining process is done at a refiner in North America. Most items that we receive are manually dismantled as the first step to recovering all of the commodities. Items that cannot be dismantled in an efficient manner are put through a shredding process. Whole e-scrap or dismantled parts can be shredded down to pieces that are less than 2 inches in diameter. They are then separated through a series of devices all connected via conveyor belts in a process that is 95% automated. The products sold include iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, glass, precious metal mix, and shredded circuit boards. This process ensures 100% data destruction and we provide every client with a data destruction guarantee. We recycle old computers for you or your business so the data never ends up in the wrong hands.