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Make the entire state of California environmentally friendly through electronics recycling in Santa Maria. Get in touch with All Green Recycling for an electronic waste pickup or drop off items in the nearest center.


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Convenience is our asset. Just call on us and we will pick up your old electronic items in your area and at your most convenient times or you may drop these off in designated facilities.

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Recycling is great for decommissioned electronics. There is also the option of having these electronics repurposed and remarketed and recover some of your financial investment.

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Keep company information safe and secure through our certified data destruction service. We respect confidential information, which is why private and government entities trust us.

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Are you the subject of a product recall order? Make sure recalled products do not go back to the market by commissioning equipment destruction service that is safe and secure.

Electronics Recycling Santa Maria Services By All Green


Santa Maria, with a population of about 106,000, is the most populous city in the Santa Maria-Santa Barbara metropolitan. While it has become an urbanized area, agriculture plays an important role in its economy. This is why electronics recycling in Santa Maria is very important because we want to make sure that agricultural production in the area remains safe for the general population. Try our Electronics Recycling Santa Maria Services today to efficiently recycle, repurpose and remarket your EOL IT equipment.

We are a great partner when it comes to environment friendly electronics recycling. We have committed to making it our responsibility to practice safe and secure electronics recycling. The company has a zero-landfill policy, which means not a single speck of electronic waste should reach the landfill.

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Queens Electronic Recycling and E-WasteThere is a need to recycle electronics in Santa Maria to keep food source safe to eat. Remember that the city is an agricultural area. It is known for its vineyards so an abundance of grapes is a given. Other important crops in the city are strawberries, celery, lettuce, peas, squash, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli and beans. If residents don’t practice electronics recycling, chances are, electronic parts that contain the dangerous substances mercury, cadmium and lead will reach the landfill and contaminate ground water and may eventually lead to our source of water. The mentioned crops need water to thrive. We don’t want contaminated water seeping into Santa Maria’s agricultural products.

We make electronics recycling convenient for people. Some are wary about recycling because they don’t have the time to determine where and how old electronics can be sent for recycling. That’s why we make things easier for people. Most of our clients would just call us in order to schedule an electronic waste pickup. We have a high-quality mobile facility that picks up your old electronics at your most convenient hours and anywhere you want. Or if there is a drop-off center on your way to work, you can also drop them there. We have a team of IT Asset Management experts who have been safely handling electronics recycling for years.

Santa Maria Electronics Recycling

Santa Maria values its city so it encourages its residents to actively recycle electronics in the city. Neighboring cities and communities can also take advantage of our Santa Maria Electronics Recycling Services. Here are some of the areas near this location:

  • Westside Parkway
  • Gosford
  • Venola
  • Valley Plaza Mall
  • Landco
  • Oil Junction
  • Oildale
  • Maltha
  • Bakersfield College
  • Bakersfield
  • Oleander / Sunset
  • Wible Orchard
  • Lonsmith
  • Algoso

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