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Electronics Recycling in Salamanca

Let All Green Electronics Recycling protect your business from data breach and other security threats through Equipment Destruction and Data Security Services in Salamanca, New York.


Electronics Recycling

We identify strategies and recycling processes that our clients can use in the management of end-of-life electronics.

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IT Asset Disposition

All Green aims to limit interruption while we improve your business  efficiency. We maximize returns from our ITAD process.

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Data Destruction

We use data destruction methods that meet, if not exceed, government standards. We can protect your business.

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Equipment Destruction

We are very careful with what we do. We ensure transparency and accountability in our Equipment Destruction service.

Electronics Recycling Salamanca Services By All Green

Salamanca-EwasteSalamanca got its name from Spanish nobleman and cabinet minister Jose de Salamanca who lived in the city in the mid-19th century. Located within the Allegany Indian Reservation, it serves as hub for public bus service. Electronics Recycling Salamanca Services will help the 5, 815 city residents see the value of electronics recycling. Proper waste disposal saves the environment and our health from deterioration.

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IT Asset Disposition


Gadgets and the newest electronic models are readily available in phone and appliance stores. Have you ever wondered where your discarded units will go? Not in landfills, I hope. We have a lot of companies offering their services as an ITAD services provider. We have an untarnished reputation in assets handling. We use All Green technology in managing your end-of-life equipment through our premium Electronics Recycling Services.



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Proper E-Waste Recycling for Environmental Protection

Americans are in agreement of the need to recycle their wastes. But in most cases, this is only done on plastics, papers and other household wastes. Only very few recycle electronic devices that contain toxic chemicals. We e-recycle for the following reasons:

  • Conserve natural resources
  • Prevent green gas emissions
  • Protect human health

Do not hesitate. We are here to help you e-cycle.


Salamanca Hard Drive Shredding, New York

In 1995, DOD required the destruction of floppy disk, low capacity hard drives and magnetic tapes. Today, government coverage has been expanded to include a wide range of equipment. Tougher laws were passed while new data destruction standards were put in place. We will give you a rundown of the best industry practices to help you decide how to manage your equipment. We recommend shredding as a the safest and most efficient means to dispose your aged hard drives.

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