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Electronics Recycling in Sacramento

In Sacramento, California, All Green Recycling is ready 7 days a week to collect, treat and process all electronic disposables through reliable IT Asset Disposition Services.


Electronics Recycling

The presence of electronic waste in the landfills should be stopped, because electronic products are harmful.

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IT Asset Disposition

We have a centrally managed ITAD Solution that provides commitment, assurance, and transparency.

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Data Destruction

Destroying sensitive hard drives that contain confidential information should be done for business protection.

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Equipment Destruction

Destroying all recalled, defective, and EOL IT products is helpful for your business to fight data breaches.

Electronics Recycling Sacramento Services By All Green

Sacramento Electronic Waste Recycling imageAn ITAD Solution must be centrally managed and transparent. Why? Showing transparency is one important aspect for the customers to feel the safety and security while the execution of services is ongoing. Good news as All Green Recycling has a centrally managed system with a client portal being develop to show transparency from day 1 of service until the end. In this location, you should therefore try our Electronics Recycling Sacramento Services.

Where is Sacramento?

Sacramento is the capital city of California. Its exact location is in the northern portion of the Central Valley. Based on the recent survey, it has over 466,000 residents. It has led this city to become the sixth largest city in the entire State of California. Sacramento is the core cultural and economic center for seven counties, and it is home to California State University, Sacramento. 

You can now schedule an e-waste pickup through the link button below.

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Sacramento Electronics Recycling

IT Asset Disposition

Electronic Waste - Sacramento RecyclingWe have a secure and certified program that will see to it that all your e-waste products are properly managed and handled. You have to count on us if you want a tight business security. It simply means that your electronic waste will not be deposited in the landfills as it’s appropriate to recycle, reuse, and remarket old computer units, mobile phones, printers, monitors, TV sets, among others.

We’re campaigning for e-waste free landfills. Don’t just throw your e-garbage in the trash can. Call our attention and schedule an e-waste pickup service which is given free by All Green. If you can’t schedule a pickup service, another possible option for you is to find a nearest location for dropping off your item/s.

Sacramento Electronics Recycling Locations

Wherever you are, you need to observe the principles behind “Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce” Campaigns. The locations provided on the map above are where we can serve you readily. We have premium-class solutions to address all your electronic waste recycling issues.

Contact us today for more details and information about our company services.

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