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Electronics Recycling in Sacramento

In Sacramento, California, All Green Recycling is ready 7 days a week to collect, treat and process all electronic disposables through reliable IT Asset Disposition Services.


Electronics Recycling

The presence of electronic waste in the landfills should be stopped, because electronic products are harmful.

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IT Asset Disposition

We have a centrally managed ITAD Solution that provides commitment, assurance, and transparency.

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Data Destruction

Destroying sensitive hard drives that contain confidential information should be done for business protection.

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Equipment Destruction

Destroying all recalled, defective, and EOL IT products is helpful for your business to fight data breaches.

Transparency Within Electronics Recycling Services in Sacramento

Electronics recycling is a complex process with a lot at stake. It’s not like returning cans and bottles to the grocery store. When you are choosing an electronics recycling company for your business in Sacramento, you need to feel safe and secure that your sensitive data is in the right hands.

At All Green, our IT asset disposition process is 100 percent transparent. Our innovative GPS tracking system and robust online portal allow you to track your IT assets through every step of the electronics recycling process. We maintain a strict chain of command and assume full accountability for your sensitive data. Click the button below to learn more about how we handle e-waste pickup and recycling.

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How We Handle E-Waste Recycling in Sacramento

Our IT asset disposition process is secure – so secure that government agencies trust us with the most sensitive data destruction projects in the country.

The first thing we do is come to your business to pick up your old electronics. We individually tag every single item and maintain strict chain-of-custody records. The most sensitive data undergoes on-site data destruction, while the rest is destroyed at our off-site data destruction facilities. Which you use is completely up to you.

At our facilities, we first evaluate each item for potential resale value. We refurbish and resell whatever we can, and we also help coordinate electronics donation campaigns. Whatever can’t be resold is broken down into component parts and recycled through our network of trusted partners. Click below to learn more about our IT Asset Disposition services for the Sacramento area.

IT Asset Disposition in Sacramento

Sacramento Electronics Recycling Locations

If your business falls on the above map of Sacramento, then we can take care of your electronics recycling needs seven days a week. Our “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” philosophy will earn your business a reputation of being environmentally responsible while recouping some of your investment through our refurbishment program. It’s how we’ve established ourselves as one of the top e-waste companies in Sacramento

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