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Electronics Recycling in Rosemead

We are ready to attend to the electronic recycling needs of the people of Rosemead, Los Angeles County. Let All Green serve you with all our best.


Electronics Recycling

We brag of the state-of-the-art technology that we use in serving our clients. We are recognized worldwide as a top Electronics Recycling company.

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IT Asset Disposition

We manage end-of-life IT assets. Our technology and know-how will allow businesses to increase their productivity and earnings. Choose us today.

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Data Destruction

We offer secure and certified Data Destruction services. We safeguard important company data that are stored on your device from any breach.

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Equipment Destruction

We know what to do with floppy disks, laptops and PCs. We accept a wide range of equipment that are brought to our facility for destruction.

Electronics Recycling Rosemead Services By All Green

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Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants started to move into the city in the 1900s and opened ethnic restaurants and stores. Their arrival changed  the city’s ambiance to become more urban. What used to be a conservative government also changed when John Tran joined the city council. Tran introduced the idea of high density development which majority of the council members rejected. All Green’s Electronics Recycling Rosemead Services will help government’s balance development and environment preservation.

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IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronics ImageThe use of technology is beneficial to the operation of every organization and business. But it also has its disadvantages. Sometimes organizations are unmindful of how they dispose their old IT assets. This posses a great risk on your privacy. We will help you secure your brand and mitigate risks that may arise from a possible data breach.



Rosemead Electronics Recycling

Bring your e-wastes to our nearest drop off location or schedule a pickup with us. 

Easy and Convenient IT Asset Remarketing

The world is now faced with a mounting concern on what to do with old electronics. You may not know it, but your old computers, mobile phones, telephones and IT equipment still has useful components that can still be reused. We use IT remarketing approaches that have been proven effective.

We offer the following services:

  • Desktop and Laptop Remarketing
  • Data Center Equipment Remarketing
  • Mobile and Tablet Remarketing
  • Telecom Equipment Remarketing

Rosemead Hard Drive Shredding, California

We offer on-site and off-site hard drive shredding services. Our on-site services is highly recommended for individuals with very sensitive data. We will make sure that your assets are properly destroyed before we bring these out of your premises. You can count on us in handling your trade secrets.

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