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Electronics Recycling in Rocklin

All Green Recycling can handle all your Rocklin Electronic Waste Recycling needs. We provide secure and certified services for any entity – from small-scale or large-scale organization.

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Electronics Recycling

Some companies offer limited services when it comes to electronics recycling. No worries because we cover all types of recycling and we do pick-up services, too.

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IT Asset Disposition

We are a Microsoft-authorized refurbisher. That identity is enough to add value to your equipment so that you can do some financial recover during IT asset disposition.

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Data Destruction

Always keep in mind that data sanitation is an important aspect in electronic disposal. Merely deleting information and data is not enough because they are still recoverable.

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Equipment Destruction

Keep in mind that in business, nothing is ever guaranteed. For product returns, make sure the items go through equipment destruction to protect your reputation.

Electronics Recycling Rocklin Services By All Green


Rocklin is among the California cities experiencing some sort of growth spurt. From a population of just 36,330 people in the 2000 census, it grew to 56,974 as of the last census in 2010. This would tell you that the city is experiencing economic improvement for people wanting to move to his city in Placer County in California. Try now our Electronics Recycling Rocklin Services.

With this increase in population, expect also increase in electronic wastes. This is why residents should be mindful and always practice Rocklin Electronic Waste Recycling. Rocklin generally looks like a green community and should be kept that way. All Green Recycling will be able to help the city continue to practice environment-friendly activities.

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IT Assets Disposition


Recycling sounds an easy enough process where we dump old and unused electronics in facilities such as those maintained and owned by All Green Recycling. It is actually easy but there are other considerations. One important consideration is the information stored in the electronic. For sure, you’ve thought about deleting information stored in the electronic item because every information a company keeps is always important and sensitive. But know that information stored in electronics can be recovered—no matter how many times it has been deleted. This is why it is important that you have a trusted recycling company that will permanently delete data through digital erasing/overwriting and degaussing.

Our team of experts know how to handle sensitive data. This is why All Green Recycling is trusted by many private organizations and some government institutions. A number of our clients handle sensitive information and it will pose a negative impact on them if these confidential data would ever go out in public. Credibility is very important. It is the basis for every company to create a trustworthy brand. And we understand that, respect it and adhere to it. So make sure you take the necessary step of digitally sanitizing every electronic item up for recycling or disposal.

Here are some of our popular recycling services:

  • Computer recycling
  • Cellphone recycling
  • Television recycling
  • Ink toner recycling
  • Monitor recycling
  • Laptop recycling
  • Printer recycling
  • Calculator recycling
  • CRT recycling
  • Data destruction

Rocklin Electronics Recycling Location

Help Rocklin maintain its environment-friendly practices by making sure electronic wastes are properly recycled. If you work or live in these areas, you can call All Green Recycling in order to schedule a time and date for pickup:

  • Stanford Ranch Road
  • Five Star Boulevard
  • Whitney Boulevard
  • Destiny Drive
  • Lincoln Avenue
  • Glacier Drive
  • Snowmass Lane
  • Pinnacles Drive
  • Casa Grande Ave

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