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Electronics Recycling in Rochester

All Green Recycling makes electronics recycling in Rochester easy and convenient. You can call us to schedule an e-waste pick up or you can drop off electronic wastes in designated drop-off points.


Electronics Recycling

We want to make electronics recycling convenient for clients so that they won’t have any excuse not to be environment friendly. Recycling is now as easy.

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IT Asset Disposition

We value transparency and so our centrally managed IT disposition can be easily monitored. The procedure is fully transparent every step of the way.

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Data Destruction

There is a liability insurance included to demonstrate our commitment to provide exceptional service in data destruction. Company security is important.

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Equipment Destruction

Some companies are wary about having their old hardware getting out of the compound. We provide shredding process for customers' peace of mind.

Electronics Recycling Rochester Services By All Green

Electronics Recycling in Rochester

Rochester is the third most populated city in the state of New York. This says a lot considering that it’s New York, the most fast-paced state in the country—perhaps even the world. This city has over 210,000 residents as of the last census. It is also considered one of the first boomtowns in the country. Now choose our Electronics Recycling Rochester Services to help keep this city clean and e-waste free.

This is how industrialized Rochester is: It is the birthplace of world-renowned brands like Kodak, Western Union and Xerox. It is a largely research community, which only means a lot of electronic usage. Keep this city booming without the ills of electronics and electronic wastes. Handle electronics recycling in Rochester with ease with the help of All Green Recycling.

Hundreds of thousands of electronics—perhaps even more—are being used in Rochester daily. Residents are technologically dependent but more so with the companies and institutions based in the city. So we have to ensure that even while various electronics are at play in the city, it is still widely green and environment friendly.

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Recycling electronics is not just something noble we do for the environment—although, that is the best reason since it’s all encompassing and affects all people and future generations. But some people would need real motivation, like something tangible and fast. All Green Recycling can help in making sure that there will be some recovery when you dispose of some electronic items.

A website did a survey of American comes and noted that on the average, a household has around $265 worth of unused technology. These could be television sets that are no longer working, old cellphones that were no longer used because they are not trendy anymore, or other obsolete electronics. They may be collecting dust at home because these could not be thrown in the garbage bin—it’s illegal. You can always earn some money from these items. When you take apart these electronic items, some of them will contain materials than can still be reused.

All Green Recycling will help you get cash from old electronics. First of all, we will refurbish old electronics. As mentioned, we could expertly take apart electronics so that the useful items could be updated. We also handle remarketing of these refurbish electronics in order to garner clientele.

Rochester Locations

Rochester Locations


We have various drop-off locations in the entire state of New York and the rest of the country. Check out locations nearest Rochester for easy electronics recycling.

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