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Let All Green Recycling provide ease and convenience when recycling, reusing and remarketing old electronic devices in Redlands, California.


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IT Asset Disposition 

The disposal of IT equipment should be done only be expert. Remarketing refurbished products is a must.

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Data Destruction

Destroying data and information that are sensitive is quite significant as far as brand protection is concerned.

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Equipment Destruction

Looking for an Equipment Destruction service provider is important. This is to tighten business security.

Electronics Recycling Redlands Services By All Green

Redlands Electronic Waste Recycling ImageThe e-waste deposits on the landfills have been alarming through the years. Thus, recycling old and EOL computer devices and other electronic products is quite important. If you’re looking for the right company to help you in the recycling aspect, All Green might be your choice. In this location, we offer Electronics Recycling Redlands Services. The purpose of this program is to provide easy and effective system to manage and handle e-junks that are stored either in your basement or stockroom.

Where is Redlands?

Redlands is located in San Bernardino County, California. The specific location of this place is in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. The University of Redlands and several museums and historic houses can be located here. 

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IT Asset Disposition

Recycle-ElectronicsBecause there has been an increasing concern as to the impacts of cadmium, mercury, zinc, nickel, copper, and other metals present in EOL IT products to the environment, recycling old computers, mobile phones, and other items is highly advised. Government institutions, private organizations, and environmental groups are working together all over the world to create and craft policies, guidelines that will serve as the main standards on how people can make use again of their stored obsolete tech devices.

If you’re going to try the services provided by All Green, you can have the real positive results. Not only protecting the environment, you can also help in the conservation of natural resources and in saving money for other purposes, when you recycle, reuse, and remarket disposable electronics.

Redlands Electronics Recycling Location

Part of our e-waste recycling services is to protect your business brand. You can try our Data Security and Hard Drive Shredding to help you delete the sensitive files and information that are stored in the EOL hard drives and other channels. By doing so, no non-public information will be hacked by other people. Further, if your products are subject for final destruction, you can have our Equipment Destruction Service.

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Redlands ReStore, Habitat

25948 Business Center Drive, Redlands, CA, 92374

Tue-Sat: 9:00am-6:00pm
Sun-Mon: Closed


This is a self-service location. Please bring assistance to help you unload your vehicle, especially for LARGE or HEAVY items. This location accepts all types of electronics with no limit to size and volume. Please park your vehicle and inquire at the location for assistance.

Email: redlands@allgreenrecycling.com