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Electronics Recycling in Queens

For secure and convenient Queens electronic waste recycling, call All Green Recycling. We will do our part in making sure that the environment is protected and all you have to do is contact us so we can schedule an electronic waste pickup.


Electronics Recycling

We remove the complexities of recycling, which turn off a lot of citizens and companies. You only need to connect with us and we will pick up your old electronics for recycling.

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IT Asset Disposition

Electronics are expensive, which makes them quite hard to dispose of. But with our IT asset disposition, we aim to help you recover part of your investment by upcycling old and obsolete items. 

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Data Destruction

No matter how many times you delete information in old electronic items, they can still be retrieved. But we have high-quality technology that can safely and securely wipe information digitally.

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Equipment Destruction

Digital wiping is not just enough - it is best coupled with equipment destruction to shreds electronics into minute pieces. Confidential information will be destroyed.  

Electronics Recycling Queens Services By All Green

As of the 2016 census, Queens, New York is the second most populated borough in the state with 2.3 million people. It is also the fourth most populous city in the entire United States, just behind Los Angeles, Chicago and Brooklyn. This much people also mean millions of technological devices that would eventually end up in the trash. People should be familiar with Queens electronic waste recycling if they want to keep the city environment friendly despite circumstances being against it. That circumstance is the millions of people roaming around this bustling city. We can’t actually expect each resident to have the recycling mentality. But you can try our Electronics Recycling Queens Services today to help you have the convenient e-waste solutions.

Queens Electronic Waste Recycling


This is why All Green Recycling is the perfect partner when it comes to recycling. In a busy and fast-paced metropolis like Queens, we commonly hear people saying they are too busy to think about recycling, which leaves no time to actually do it. But we can pick up electronic wastes for you. All you have to do is call our office and schedule the pickup. There is also a drop-off alternative where you can leave electronic wastes in the center nearest your home.

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Premium Queens Electronics Recycling

We value the time of people that’s why we make our service more convenient. We operate more trucks than any other information technology recycling companies in the country, which is why we can easily accede to your schedule of when and where you prefer your electronic wastes to be picked up. Our mobile facilities are certified by the highest industry standards. Not only that, pickup services are handled by industry experts because electronics contain dangerous substances like lead, mercury and cadmium. The make sure that these dangerous substances will not leak and pollute the air. Aside from collection, we also meticulously package electronics.

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We also have state-of-the-art logistics system that allows clients to track assets through real-time online portal. The reason for this is for clients to have peace of mind that old electronics are indeed being sent to recycling facilities. Another important implication is that customers can monitor the process so they will be assured that sensitive information stored in the electronics will not be retrieved and passed on to competitors. This is where our data destruction service comes in. We don’t just recycle electronics, we make sure that companies keep their credibility and good reputation intact. Another service that has convenience written all over it is our equipment destruction service. With our mobile facility, we can do on-site shredding right before your eyes.

Contact us for more details about our Electronics Recycling Queens Services.