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Electronics Recycling in Placerville

Let All Green Recycling provides you with top-notch Electronics Recycling, ITAD Solutions, Hard Drive Shredding and IT Asset Remarketing Services in Placerville.


Electronics Recycling

Tapping the largest and most reliable recycling services provider in the country is an advantage. All Green is a top-notch e-waste recycler.

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IT Asset Disposition

Get the biggest value and maximum returns from your retiring IT assets. Trust All Green Recycling to help you with all your ITAD needs.

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Data Destruction

All Green Electronics Recycling has the best industry practices in Data Destruction. Brand protection is our expertise so you need our helping hand.

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Equipment Destruction

We're highly recognized in the Equipment Destruction industry. Our solutions are compliant with regulations, rules, and standards.

Electronics Recycling Placerville Services By All Green

Recycle Electronics In Placerville ImageThe largest wine producers in El Dorado County are found in Placerville, California. The city became the central hub for the Mother Lodge region’s mining operations because it had banks, lodging houses, general merchandise and transportation. Businesses own important data stored in electronic equipment. Loss of these data can result to a tarnished business reputation and the payment of government fines. Protect your data and your reputation through our Electronics Recycling Placerville Services.

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IT Asset Disposition

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We are a globally-trusted name in IT Asset Disposition. We specialize in the following services:

  • Packaging and transport
  • IT asset remarketing
  • Secure data destruction
  • IT asset reporting

Our asset disposition process is designed to be fully transparent. We follow a secure chain of custody that will allow you to trace asset resale posted on our online client portal.

Placerville Electronics Recycling Location

We have well-trained personnel who will attend to your needs. We will answer your every question and explain the disposal process the best we can.

A Sustainable Future With Responsible IT Recycling

The 9, 610 residents of Placerville own phones, computers and other electronic equipment.  All of these equipment will require proper disposal when these reaches end-of-life. The Green Building Research reported that the indiscriminate disposal of e-wastes is detrimental to the environment. This also causes several health issues. Why take the risk? Protect your future with the help of a trusted electronics recycling company.

Placerville Hard Drive Shredding, California

Most businesses have developed the habit of stockpiling old computers and hard drives.  But this is not enough. There is a better way of dealing with sensitive data. A permanent and reliable solution is to destroy electronic data by crushing or shredding the hard drive. Hire a service provider that will get the job done right. Contact us now for more details and information about our services.