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Electronics Recycling in Paramount

Get the best value for your money with All Green Recycling. The world relies too much on electronics and people should be responsible enough to take care of the world through electronics recycling.


Electronics Recycling

There is an increasing problem with electronic wastes because while the demand is great, turnover is also swift. Make sure electronics are recycled and prevent toxicity.

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IT Asset Disposition

Your reputation will go a long way in any business. This is why we always protect a company’s reputation and keep credibility intact through proper IT asset disposition.

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Data Destruction

Our data destruction service includes shredding, crushing, wiping and degaussing. All these will allow us to protect you or your company’s sensitive and confidential data.

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Equipment Destruction

Not only do we provide secure equipment data destruction, we also ensure that we have complete documentation of the process we undertake for the client’s peace of mind.

Electronics Recycling Paramount Services By All Green

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Paramount is a relatively poor city in Los Angeles, California. But it is home to the Zamboni Company, which invented the ice resurfacing machine. The population of the city is estimated to be close to 55,000. Allow All Green Recycling to help keep the community free from electronic wastes through Electronics Recycling Paramount Services.


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IT Asset Disposition

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Electronics recycling should not be a hard sell. You only have to think about your children and the need to preserve the environment so they will have an easy life in the future. Sure electronics make life easier. But they also indirectly make the world a dangerous place to live in.

All Green Recycling, though, wants to ensure that the environment will be preserved for future generations. We have a zero-landfill policy, which means that we will do everything to recycle electronics or dispose them the right way so that not even a minute part of a device will end up in dump site.

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World-Class Electronics Recycling and IT Asset Disposition at Your Service

Technology is always changing and electronic items are always being upgraded. So expect that the lifespan of your computers or mobile devices won’t last for long. So expect the need for IT asset disposition service. We assure you that interruptions will be limited so it will be business as usual in the company. More importantly, we also make sure that you maximize returns from your old and obsolete electronic devices.

You also have to remember that there might be consequences when you don’t give this service much thought. Every electronic device stores information that had been input in it. So if you want to protect sensitive and confidential information, make sure to call us for a complete disposal that includes digital wiping and degaussing.

Paramount Hard Drive Shredding, CA

We are certified to handle all your equipment disposal needs. We made sure that we have the approval of the necessary companies to give us the credibility and the trust of clients. Here are some of our credentials:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance for hospital equipment and medical devices that store medical recrods.
  • Department of Defense compliance for contracts and handling of the world’s most sensitive data.
  • Experience with Consumer Product Safety Commission for government-issued product recalls.

We serve government agencies and private corporations, which make compliance to laws and other regulations very important. We care for our credibility and our client’s credibility as well.

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