Our Concept

All Green Electronics Recycling started as a vision to change the world by streamlining and improving the sluggish, unethical and outdated electronics recycling industry. By improving the operating model, All Green Electronics Recycling makes it easier for businesses and individuals to recycle their old equipment and even make a profit from it.

A Network of Efficient Collection Hubs

Crucially, All Green Electronics Recycling uses a network of local collection hubs to service residential and business clients in a way that no other e-waste recycler can possibly do:

  1. Local collection hubs handle collection, sorting and packaging for shipment.
  2. Each collection hub is supported by local drop-off locations where electronics are collected.
  3. Custom pickup services by truck route are performed daily for those who cannot access a drop-off location.
  4. The collection hub in each region feeds a larger recycling center for processing.
  5. The recycling, refurbishment and resale centers handle the rest!

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