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Electronics Recycling in Oswego

Trust only All Green Electronics Recycling for your IT asset management needs. We are in Oswego at present to provide premium ITAD Solutions, Data Security and Equipment Destruction Services.


Electronics Recycling

We are a qualified e-waste company to address your equipment disposal worries. We employ industry expert to work for you.

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IT Asset Disposition

We will get rid of your e-cycling headaches so you can focus on how to make your business more productive and profitable.

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Data Destruction

We offer time-tested, reliable, and credible Data Destruction methods. We have shredding, crushing, degaussing and data wiping services.

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Equipment Destruction

All Green reviews your existing practices and help you develop an e-waste management plan that is best for your business.

Electronics Recycling Oswego Services By All Green

Oswego Electronics Recycling and E WasteRecycle old electronics in this area with Electronics Recycling Oswego Services by All Green. This city is located in Oswego County and has a population of over 17,000.

Museums in the city store documents on Oswego’s long history while its public parks have monuments that honor historical figures. Visitors come to enjoy its boating, fishing and hiking activities. The city also has a large public pool, three ice-skating rinks and a bowling center. Life in the city is worry-free with Oswego Electronics Recycling.

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 IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronics ImageElectronic recycling and IT asset disposal are the heart of our business. We follow a well-defined process in e-cycling. Our work starts with the proper tagging of your old equipment. We issue a comprehensive report after the recycling and/or disposal process is completed. It is our policy to brief owners of the work that we do to avoid any questions on our work.



Oswego Locations


Knowing that there is reliable e-waste recycler close to where you are is a source of relief. See us today.

E-Waste Recycling with Assurance of a High Remarketing Value

We remarket your old IT assets to maximize the return on your investment. All Green assesses the current value of your equipment and works with its owner to determine the remarketing process that will best meet your business goals. We offer the following:

  • Desktop and Laptop Remarketing
  • Data Center Equipment Remarketing
  • Mobile and Tablet Remarketing
  • Telecom Equipment Remarketing

We make sure that all aspects of our remarketing and disposal process are done responsibly. We use methods that are environmentally safe.

Oswego Hard Drive Shredding, New York

Shredding breaks hard drives into very tiny pieces that can no longer be reassembled.  All Green uses a foolproof method of destruction to ensure the protection our customers, vendors and other business associates. The technology that we use will ensure the total destruction of your hard drives, solid state drives, portable devices, CDs and DVDs.

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