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Electronics Recycling in Newburgh

If you want to pause the effect of rapid urbanization in New York City, call All Green Recycling for electronics recycling in Newburgh. 


Electronics Recycling

We know that it is illegal to just through e-waste in the garbage, which will eventually end up in the landfill. So recycle electronics to be more environmental friendly.

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IT Asset Disposition

EOL IT equipment can still earn you some dough. With our help, we can help you get back part of your investment from electronic equipment that are up for disposal.

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Data Destruction

All electronic equipment have the capability to store sensitive information that you might not want others to find out. Choose and trust our data destruction service.

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Equipment Destruction

No matter how many times you delete information in your electronic device, chances are some will still be retrievable. Make sure you go through our equipment destruction.

Electronics Recycling Newburgh Services By All Green

Electronics Recycling In Newburgh

Newburgh, a city 60 miles away from New York City, serves as the headquarters of the Continental Army. This means that safety and security place an important role in this area. Make sure all your electronics will go through the proper recycling and disposal process in order to keep confidential information safe and secure. Try our Electronics Recycling Newburgh Services today.

We can help you with the proper and legal way to do electronics recycling in Newburgh. The city is known for its industrial development—it is home to the second Edison power plant—and its preservation of the past. This means that Newburgh has a great balance between urbanization and cultural preservation. All Green Recycling goes even further in helping the city be more environment friendly with its electronic services.

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One main reason why majority of the population still don’t practice electronics recycling is because they are too lazy to bring their electronic wastes to recycling facilities. Two things happen with this kind of attitude: 1) people will hoard their electronics at home 2) people will throw their electronic wastes in the garbage bin even if this is illegal.  In this case, All Green Recycling will also give you two easy options in order to make recycling and proper disposal be more convenient for you: 1) there are designated drop-off centers where you can leave your old electronic devices 2) call our office to schedule for an electronic waste pickup, which is even more convenient.

Not only do we ensure that electronics are recycled or disposed of properly, we will also make sure that you feel safe and secure. Electronics contain information that may be sensitive or confidential that you don’t want to reach the public. This is part of our responsibility because we want clients to be at ease with us. We handle digital wiping so that information stored in electronics will not be retrieved by other people. This is why private organizations and government entities trust us.

Digital wiping is best paired with hard-drive shredding. Shredding equipment will also give us the peace of mind that devices will not be resold in either the black market or in any developing countries always on the lookout for cheaper but advanced technology. You can schedule an e-waste pickup so we can shred the equipment in our facility. You can always monitor its progress online. But if you are wary, we also do on-site shredding with our mobile facility. This way, you can see the equipment destruction for yourself.

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