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Take care of the environment through electronics recycling in New Rochelle. Just call All Green Recycling to recycle your electronic wastes or dispose of them properly—you can schedule for pickup or drop off the items in designated areas.

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Electronics Recycling

We focus on security and compliance because we know important these are to our clients. We will be your partner in every step of the electronics recycling, which you can monitor.

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IT Asset Disposition

Are you looking at end-of-life IT assets? Make sure that you don’t just let them go but also earn from them - we will help you remarket these items after they have been refurbished.

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Data Destruction

We will protect you from possible data breaches with our data destruction services. We do digital wiping, degaussing, etc. to ensure that your confidential information is safe.

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Equipment Destruction

There are many entrepreneurial people out there who want to make easy bucks the illegal way. We will make sure you will not have any part with that through our services.

Electronics Recycling New Rochelle Services By All Green

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New Rochelle, a city in New York with over 77,000 people (as of the 2010 census), was named one of the best places in the United States to raise children. We should keep it that way by making sure residents and visitors practice electronics recycling through Electronics Recycling New Rochelle Services.

One of the reasons why New Rochelle is a great place to raise children is because of its safety record. It is the safest city in New York—people know how great a feat that is to accomplish. It is also in the top five safest cities in the entire country.

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IT Asset Disposition

Queens Electronic Recycling and E-Waste

Do you still have those boxy television sets? The trend now are the flat-screen LCDs or LEDs and other upgraded television sets. But some people still own the box TV sets from the 1990s. And a lot of them are still working. So if you own one of those, chances are you are at a loss on how to handle them? You could keep them but then it will take up a lot of space. And you can’t just put them in the trash bin—that would be illegal.

So if you are in that dilemma, better call All Green Electronics Recycling. You have two options: you can either call the office so that we can schedule a time and day where the item could be picked up; or you can drop it off at designated drop-off centers.

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Of course, this is not just about old television sets. There are so many electronic equipment in your house that you just don’t know how to get rid of because of the limitations. There are old blenders, printers and other electronic items you already have the upgraded versions of. Or you might want to get rid of that old VHS player considering you already have a DVD player, which is on HD.

Aside from the legal implication in throwing these items in the trash bin, there is another reason why these things should go through proper disposal. Electronic items will store information that you have entered over the years. Only advance technology could truly delete these information from the memory through digital wiping or degaussing.

Still, there will be some information that could never be deleted. So digital wiping and degaussing should be coupled with hard drive shredding. You can contact us now for on-site shredding or to have your e-waste picked up for shredding in our facility.