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Electronics Recycling in Nevada

We only have one earth and we should be protecting it for generations to come. You can do so by calling All Green Recycling for Nevada Electronic Waste Recycling service that is environmentally friendly and hassle-free.


Electronics Recycling

We make things very convenient for you. You can either drop off electronic wastes in any of our drop-off centers all over the country or schedule an e-waste pickup today.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our IT asset disposal has a high return rate for gadgets that are already at the end of their life term. We will make sure that these in great shape when we remarket them.

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Data Destruction

Protect your reputation by making sure no secret- yours or your clients will ever reach the public through our data destruction service. Let us help you through digital wiping.

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Equipment Destruction

Protect your brand or your client’s brand from being tainted. Make sure that items that have been ordered with a product recall do not go back to the market illegally.

Electronics Recycling Nevada Drop-Off Locations By All Green

Nevada may be a dessert but everyone knows it’s one of the most active states in the country. Yes, most of the activities are limited in Clark County because of Las Vegas, but the entire state benefits from activities in the casino city. But while Las Vegas may be called Sin City, the entire state should not suffer from its reputation. Help the state become green through Electronics Recycling Nevada Services.

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Nevada Electronics Recycling And E Waste

All Green Recycling is proud to take care of the electronic wastes in Nevada.

You may call (800) 780-0347 for your electronic recycling and disposal needs.


E-Waste Collectors • Waste Haulers

E-Waste Collectors • Waste Haulers

All Green Recycling makes sure that it has presence in Nevada, where it is greatly needed. With the casinos in the area, electronics are dime a dozen. So expect a few of them retire every day in the state. Casino equipment, which contains a lot of toxic chemicals, do not belong in the landfill. Expert hands are needed in order to dispose of these wastes.


Electronics Manufacturers • Resellers

Electronics Manufacturers • ResellersAlso, while the turnover rate for electronics in casinos is really fast, it doesn’t mean that these retired items could not be recycled. A lot of their pieces can still function but some casino places just need to get rid of them in order to keep up with the customers’ needs. If equipment are not disposed of properly, there is a chance that these would end up in the black market.

Off-Lease Equipment Take-back

Off-Lease Equipment Take-Back

It is safe to say that All Green Recycling almost never sleeps in a state that also almost never sleeps. Our services are open seven days a week—even on weekends. This means that you can drop off electronic wastes any day or you can call our office to schedule a pickup. You cannot get a more convenient service like this.


Our Goals

Our Goals

Call us a collector and a recycler. But another thing that you need to know about us is that we want to help you recover some of your financial expenses invested on your technology. When time comes for you to retire some of them, we will help you earn from those old equipment by refurbishing and remarketing these items.


The E-Waste Disposal Process

The Process

Make sure that casino equipment in Nevada undergo the hard-drive shredding process. You would not want any of these discarded electronic items to make its way back to the black market. If these items have already reached the end of their lines, then it is best that these are disposed of appropriately and through the proper procedures.

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