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Electronics Recycling in Monterey Park

When it comes to Electronics Recycling in Monterey Park, All Green Recycling is the perfect partner. We handle electronics recycling efficiently and we make sure that everything is convenient for the client.


Electronics Recycling

Electronics recycling is not always easy to handle because of the legal and environmental considerations. But with us, all electronic waste concerns will be taken care of.

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IT Asset Disposition

Technology is supposed to bring productivity in the workplace—but it gets old easily. So when that comes, allow us to help you maximize earnings from disposal of IT assets.

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Data Destruction

Protect your company from data breaches by making sure that any information stored in the old technology will not go to the wrong hands. Choose us right now.

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Equipment Destruction

Defective or old equipment up for disposal will turn out to be the detriment of the business. Trust our certified equipment destruction service to prevent such mess.

Electronics Recycling Monterey Park Services By All Green

Monterey Park Electronic Recycling And E-Waste

Monterey Park is a hillside suburban city in Los Angeles, California. It was recently ranked as the third best place to live in America—and for good reason. It has the perfect balance of quiet suburban life and commercial bustle. This is why Electronics Recycling Monterey Park is among the more important services the community needs.

All Green Recycling is the ideal partner for Monterey Park in order to keep the city safe and green. Safe because the inappropriate disposal of electronic wastes could lead to major health risks. And green because we only follow the strictest standards in electronic disposal.

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 IT Asset Disposition

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We make things easier for the clients. We have designated drop-off points where recyclers can dump their old, obsolete and unused electronics. Or clients can call us to schedule an e-waste pickup. There is no reason why residents should feel inconvenienced about recycling because we surely make things easier.

We hope to protect the environment and further degradation. And we also want to continue breathing fresh air. If electronic wastes are not properly disposed of, some of them could reach the landfill. When this happens, there is a possibility that the toxins from chemicals like lead, mercury or cadmium would seep into the ground and into our water. Another possibility is that we breathe in these chemicals that have escaped proper disposal.

Monterey Park Electronics Recycling Location

World-Class Electronics Recycling and IT Asset Disposition at Your Service


Electronics is really a serious investment. Every company needs advanced technology in order to compete. However, in less than a year, new technology is out and the company needs to upgrade again. This is why IT asset disposition is something that should be part of a company’s game plan. How do we upgrade without putting to waste our investment?

Allow us to take care of your old and possibly obsolete items. We have a team of experts that know how to remarket your old equipment so you could earn from the disposal. Here are some of our services:

  • Packaging & Transportation
  • IT Asset Remarketing
  • Secure Data Destruction
  • IT Asset Reporting

Monterey Park Hard Drive Shredding, CA

Always make sure that all your equipment up for disposal will be shredded. The reason for this is because there is a market for old equipment in developing countries. Remember that our technology is far too advance and other countries have not caught up so our junk is like a treasure to others. This is not safe for your company, which might have information still stored in the system. Allow us to provide hard drive shredding.

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