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Electronics Recycling in Madera

Call All Green Recycling now so that our team of technical experts will properly and legally dispose of your electronic wastes in Madera, California.


Electronics Recycling

Anywhere you are in the country, we provide e-waste recycling that is convenient and environmentally friendly. We take security and compliance seriously.

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IT Asset Disposition

Earn from obsolete IT assets by sending them to us for possible refurbishment. We will make sure to remarket them and help you recover a maximum value of 70% out of net profit.

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Data Destruction

Electronics contain important information - some of which are personal - that should not reach other people. Allow our team to conduct Data Destruction.

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Equipment Destruction

Complement data destruction with our equipment destruction service to ensure that your old electronic devices will not go to the black market for reselling. Choose All Green.

Electronics Recycling Madera Services By All Green

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Recycle electronics in Madera, California and protect the county’s environment through our Electronics Recycling Madera Services. The place is located in the San Joaquin Valley. The area has seen a steady increase of its population. In 2000, there were over 43,000 residents in the county, and almost 20,000 have been added to the count after 10 years. The population should be around 65,000 now.

And if the population is multiplying, believe that the number of electronic devices is also increasing. It is estimated that there are 224.3 million smartphone users in the country. But smartphones are not the only electronic devices around—there are also non-smart phones, television sets (most households own at least one set), computers, gaming devices and many others.

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IT Asset Disposition

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We handle the following services:

  • Electronics recycling
  • IT asset disposition
  • Data destruction
  • Equipment destruction

Whichever electronic service you need, All Green Recycling will handle it for you—whether it is a personal matter or for a company with hundreds of electronic devices. Just schedule an e-waste pickup so that you don’t need to drive to the nearest facility to dispose of your old stuff. We recycle any electronic device that you want to dispose of because either it is no longer functioning or it is just outdated.

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Digital Wiping in Madera, California

You also have to be wary that there is a possibility that personal or company information will reach other people. Know that data stored in electronic devices will not be permanently lost even if you have deleted it over and over again. Our company offers digital wiping services so that all data in your electronic device will be wiped off before these will go to any recycling or final disposal facility.

Digital wiping is best complemented with the electronic shredding. All Green does on-site and off-site shredding. Both will prevent possible data breach. Even when information has already been deleted, the safest bet is still to shred the device into the smallest pieces so it would be impossible to recover any data from the electronic.

World-Class Electronics Recycling

We provide convenient IT equipment and e-waste recycling services that are world-class and certified by the authorities in the business. We adhere to the world’s standards in environmentally friendly recycling process. We are out here to partner with individuals and companies in order to further our cause of disposing e-wastes the right way. And it is our business to be compliant with federal and city laws.

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