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Electronics Recycling in Long Beach

Get a taste of being environmentally responsible by calling All Green Recycling for electronic waste recycling in Long Beach. There is nothing better than being responsible for one’s environment.


Electronics Recycling

We provide certified electronics recycling services for organizations of any sizes. Our years of experience have taught us that electronics should be disposed of.

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IT Asset Disposition

Maximize the possible return of the value of IT equipment that you plan to dispose of. We can refurbish old electronics and remarket them to fetch a great value.

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Data Destruction

We relish at the idea of being able to give data security. We have a secure and certified tracking and destruction system so that our clients can trace the progress.

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Equipment Destruction

Unreliable equipment destruction service might result in old equipment being sold in the black market. That won’t happen and you can see for yourself.

Electronics Recycling Long Beach Services By All Green

Long Beach Electronic Waste Recycling

Preserve the city by the sea through electronic waste recycling in Long Beach. Long Beach in Nassau County in New York continues to be a virginal city despite the commercial boom. Hundreds of people still prefer going around in their bikes rather than their cars. The city is so picturesque with its kilometer after kilometer of sand and sea. It would be a crime if people destroy the city’s image by not taking care of the environment. We offer Electronics Recycling Long Beach Services to help the residents here recycle, reuse, and remarket their old electronics.

One way to always make sure the environment is well taken care of is through electronics recycling. The city has a population of over 33,000 as of the last census. If only each one of them will recycle every old electronic gadget they plan to dispose of.

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 IT Asset Disposition

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All Green Recycling will recycle any kind of electronic device. We practice only environmentally acceptable recycling processes. This is why we acquired all the necessary certifications and licenses to make sure that we are doing this right. We also want our clients t trust us to do things responsibly.

We have some drop-off centers so that you can bring your electronic wastes there. But if you want a more convenient practice, you can call our facility and schedule and e-waste pickup through the above.  

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World-Class Electronics Recycling and IT Asset Disposition at Your Service

There are dire consequences for unsecured IT asset disposition. Every electronic device stores data in its system. No matter how one deletes all information, some stays and will forever be etched in there unless you have these digitally wiped or degaussed. Every company has important information it doesn’t want revealed to the world—whether it’s the secret ingredient to a company’s success or procedures that should be kept internal. This is why security is of utmost importance and that is something we offer through our disposal service.

Long Beach Hard Drive Shredding, New York

Some companies fear that their defective products will end up in the black market. These defective products carry the brand name so it is just right if the makers of the “defective products” are anxious that these will be disposed of properly. Hard drive shredding service works exactly how a paper shredder works. Information no longer needed in the company should be shredded just as electronics that are defective should go through the shredding process.

In both cases, there our information you don’t want in public—information on paper for the paper shredder scenario; and the knowledge that you have made defective products in the hard drive shredding scenario. Contact us today for more details and information about our Electronics Recycling Long Beach Services.