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Electronics Recycling in Lompoc

Go green with All Green Recycling, which handles electronics recycling in Lompoc. You may drop off electronic wastes or call for an e-waste pickup—our service is convenient and efficient.


Electronics Recycling

Electronic wastes contain sensitive data and toxic chemicals. They can only be disposed of in a careful and scientific manner in order to protect people and the environment.

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IT Asset Disposition

Keep your company’s reputation in check through our IT Asset Disposition service. Electronics contain sensitive data that can only be removed through digital wipeout.

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Data Destruction

We handle hard drive shredding, data wiping, media degaussing and media shredding to ensure confidential information are kept confidential. Choose All Green today.

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Equipment Destruction

Product recalls are never a welcome development. But we can take the burden off your hands through our efficient, reliable and credible equipment destructive service.

Electronics Recycling Lompoc Services By All Green

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Electronics recycling in Lompoc has become more important than ever because after the commercial boom and industrialization of its neighbors, this quiet city in Santa Barbara continues to feel like the suburban home every Californian needs. In 2000, census declared that population in the city was at 41,103 and refused to budge by much 10 years later at just 42,434 during the last census. To serve the people here, All Green offers Electronics Recycling Lompoc Services.

Indeed, Lompoc has remained quite pure. And the only way its purity will be preserved is if its people are responsible enough to practice recycling its electronic wastes and making sure that none of them ever reach the landfill.

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Recycle Electronics Today

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All Green Recycling has received the highest levels of certification required by the electronic waste recycling facilities. We make sure that we don’t only do things the right way, we want to make sure that our service surpasses every standard there is. It is only through such practiced expertise that we feel completely competent with recycling electronic wastes through environment-friendly mechanisms.

Our full-scale services include the following:

  • IT Asset Disposition
  • Electronics Recycling
  • E-Waste Disposal
  • Hard Drive Destruction
  • Data Wiping
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Secure Equipment Destruction

Lompoc Electronics Recycling

World-Class Electronics Recycling and IT Asset Disposition at Your Service

We go to great lengths in order to protect our reputation. And that protection extends to our clients because keeping their credibility intact also ensures that ours is kept intact. It is only when we dispose of IT assets properly that we can ensure the protection of one’s brand. Electronics contain sensitive data that a delete button cannot completely erase. We will give you the proper evaluation of your assets based on age and condition so you will have an idea on how we will deal with them.

Here are some of our popular recycling services:

  • Calculator Recycling
  • Cellphone Recycling
  • Computer Recycling
  • CRT Recycling
  • Data Destruction
  • Ink Toner Recycling
  • Laptop Recycling
  • Monitor Recycling
  • Printer Recycling
  • Television Recycling

Lompoc Hard Drive Shredding, CA

National government agencies trust our services because we know how to protect confidential information. So if you are afraid of some data breech, call us and we will make sure this doesn’t happen to you. We have two choices for our hard-drive shredding services: on-site shredding and off-site shredding. Some companies opt for the on-site shredding because there are afraid of a breech in between shuttling the electronic wastes from the company to the shredding facility. We have advanced mobile shredders to do the job.

Contact us now for you to know more about our Electronics Recycling Lompoc Services.