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Electronics Recycling in Lawndale

Let All Green Electronics Recycling serve you with all our best. We have world-class ITAD Solutions, IT Asset Remarketing, and Equipment Destruction.


Electronics Recycling

E-waste problems are increasing these days. All Green Electronics Recycling has the ultimate and working solution to this kind of concern.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our ITAD services are safe and secured. We cater to the needs of big or small business organizations in Lawndale locations.

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Data Destruction

We ensure data protection with our certified tracking system. We own a Green Pulse Data Annihilator and modern hard drive shredder.

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Equipment Destruction

We are the world's most reliable equipment destruction service provider. Every equipment is properly labeled, tracked and securely destroyed.

Electronics Recycling Lawndale Services By All Green

Lawndale Electronics Recycle and EWasteThe housing demand among World War II veterans led to the creation of a bedroom community in Lawndale in 1927. With its relatively low housing prices, the city became very attractive to absentee landlords in the 1970s. A substantial portion of its residents were renters. The expansion of the defense industry ten years later, attracted young people to come to the city. Electronics Recycling Lawndale Services works well with old and young alike. We understand your needs for computer, cell phone, laptop and server recycling.

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IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronics Image We offer high revenue potentials to owners of old IT assets that are brought to our facility for disposal. We process computers, Telecom equipment, laptops and cellphones. We offer a detailed reporting of the entire ITAD process as part of our service. We document the packaging, transport and the actual disposal of these equipment. We also have a lease buyback program that guarantees a higher return in comparison with leasing companies.


Lawndale Electronics Recycling Location

We will answer your e-cyling needs. The best quality service is our guarantee.

All Green IT Asset Remarketing

Our expertise in the disposition and refurbishment of IT assets allows us to produce high-quality and low-cost equipment. We refurbish laptops, PCs and cellphones and donate these to kids coming from low income families. Access to technology has helped our beneficiaries become competitive and excel in school. We also encourage organizations to make their own donations. We match each of the equipment that they give out.

Lawndale Hard Drive Shredding, California

Do not allow infraction with DOD and HIPAA regulations. This could result to government sanctions and the payment of costly fines. Trust us and we will help you secure your operations. The mobile hard drive shredding device that we use is the best in the industry. We guarantee the proper disposal of your equipment to safeguard the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that it contains. We will allow you to observe the process as an optimum security assurance.

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