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Electronics Recycling in Lancaster

Recycle electronics in Lancaster, California with the help of All Green Recycling, which provides convenient and efficient service. Schedule an e-waste pickup now!


Electronics Recycling

We provide secure and certified data services for an individual and organization of any size. The service process is easy to monitor because of our online system.

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IT Asset Disposition

Generate the maximum amount possible when retiring end-of-life IT assets. Among them are mobile phones, computers, laptops, servers, and some other electronic devices.

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Data Destruction

We serve hundreds of private organizations as well as government entities because of our secure data destruction that includes digital wiping and degaussing.

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Equipment Destruction

Since 2008, we have been acknowledged as a leader in secure and guaranteed equipment destruction. This way, your old equipment will not reach the black market.

Electronics Recycling Lancaster Services By All Green

Lancaster Electronic Waste Recycling

Lancaster is a busy city in Los Angeles, California. It is one of the cities that have seen vast improvement in just a short time as evident by the massive increase of its population since its incorporation in 1977. From a population of 37,000 (which is already the current population of some neighboring cities) in the 1970s, the city became home to over 156,000 people as of the 2010 census. The people here need our Electronics Recycling Lancaster Services to help them recycle, remarket their old electronics.

With this much population, it is expected that the people are taught to Recycle Electronics in Lancaster. All Green Recycling has been serving the country for years with the same goal of providing responsible electronics recycling that is easy and convenient for the clients.

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IT Asset Disposition

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As the population around the world increases, so do electronic gadgets. And with that comes the growing need for more electronic recycling facilities. It is illegal to dump electronics in garbage bins because then these wastes would reach our landfill, which gives toxins access to our homes—albeit indirectly, but still. The goal is to have the least amount of electronic wastes for disposal. A lot of the electronic makeup of our gadgets will have use in other electronic items.

Here are some of our services:

  • Computer recycling
  • Cellphone recycling
  • Laptop recycling
  • Server recycling

Lancaster Electronics Recycling Location

World-Class Electronics Recycling and IT Asset Disposition at Your Service

IT Asset Disposition or ITAD evolved because of the clamor for it. Among the reasons for the request of such services are:

  1. Data security. No matter how many times one deletes information on an electronic device, some information will linger. You can never really erase anything stored in a technology. This is why it is important that electronic devices undergo digital wiping before it is disposed of. And this is part of an important process under ITAD.
  2. It is illegal to just dispose one’s or a company’s IT equipment. Our world-class facility have the capability to take apart an electronic item so that some parts will go to recycling while some will need proper disposal.
  3. Social responsibility. It is every person’s responsibility to keep Mother Earth healthy. Proper ITAD is one of the most important tasks in order to keep the environment safe for the population.

Lancaster Hard Drive Shredding, CA

All Green Recycling is certified to destroy any equipment for proper disposal. If your company has experienced some product recalls and defective products, then we exactly the firm for the job of equipment destruction. Everything will be documented, too.

Contact us now for more details about our Electronics Recycling Lancaster Services.

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