Electronic recycling near me


One of the fastest growing industries we have ever seen


It’s surprisingly easy to get started as an electronics recycling center hub, offering state-of-the-art recycling to your community through a franchise from All Green Electronics Recycling.

A Fast Growing Industry

One of the fastest growing industries we have ever seen, recycling electronic goods for profit is a unique franchising opportunity with huge potential for a fast return on investment. In 2000, America recycled 10% of its electronics. In 2010, we recycled 20%, and then just three years later, 30%! Mounting legislation and customer awareness is meaning that recycling is increasingly in the thoughts of consumers.

Our non-renewable resources are being depleted at an unsustainable rate, sales in electronic goods continue to rise year-on-year, and people simply must recycle their old goods. Electronics recycling is a fast-growing industry.  The customer base is exploding, and you could simply never run out of customers.

But what’s really smart about franchising from All Green Electronics Recycling is that your ‘hub’ is simply a collection point where customers drop off their unwanted goods – no e-recycling is done on-site. E-Recycling is instead performed at All Green Electronics Recycling’s main recycling facilities. This makes franchising an electronics recycling hub from All Green Electronics Recycling very easy to operate with tiny overhead.

Easy to Operate

Offering the high-value service of recycling electronics should be hard to run, but with franchising it’s incredibly easy. All Green Electronics Recycling performs all of the recycling, so all you do is collect, sort and package, ready for shipping to All Green.

Most of All Green’s franchises start out with just 2-3 employees – it’s that easy to run! Customers will come to you – All Green Electronics Recycling is one of the largest electronics recycling companies operating in the U.S., with the largest fleet of recycling trucks in America serving all 50 states. All Green’s website is one of the most visited Electronics Recycling sites online, with thousands of customers visiting daily looking for their local All Green recycling hub collection point.

Even current electronics recycling companies can simply their process enormously with franchising, because over 75% of what they do can be handled offsite by All Green Electronics Recycling.

How Much Does Franchising Cost?

The startup investment required is around $25,000. This includes everything – the estimated costs of the building lease, the equipment and even the first month’s payment on the franchise fee.

The costs to launch the franchise are limited to leasing a space, a truck, a forklift and the purchase of a few pieces of low-cost equipment such as pallet jacks. Most of the costs are just the first and last month payments on the space, truck and forklift.

The franchise fee is $45,000, which is currently being offered financed over 12 months at just $3,750 per month.

What Areas are Available?

Lucrative areas of California, New York and Texas are currently available.

Perhaps this decade’s most exciting franchise opportunity, becoming the electronics recycling hub for your region is a clear-cut winner. An electronics recycling franchise is very simple to operate with a skeleton team, incredible profit margins, low competition, a motivated customer base, small initial investment, all in a growing industry.