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E-Waste Recycling Folsom, CA

R2 Certified ** Electronics Recycling, On-Site Hard Drive Shredding and IT Asset Disposition in Folsom and across the entire United States. Choose All Green for handling all of your end-of-life IT Asset Disposal and Secure Data Destruction needs.


Electronics Recycling

Having a trusted service provider for your electronics recycling needs is crucial. Our Folsom Electronics Recycling is reliable and credible.

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IT Asset Disposition

We develop an IT Asset Disposition system that suits our clients' different needs. We do equipment packing and proper disposal of IT assets.

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Data Destruction

The protection of confidential company information is our top priority. We help businesses reduce the risk of data breach and leaking.

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Equipment Destruction

We offer the best hard drive shredding, data wiping, media degaussing and media shredding services. With us, your business brand is safe.

Electronics Recycling Folsom Services By All Green

Electronic Waste Recycling In FolsomFolsom City boosts of its 32-mile bike trail. The Folsom Lake Recreational Area is also favorite destination of nature-lovers who do off-road biking or hike on trails that are surrounded by trees, wildlife and vegetation. Would you risk destruction of these natural beauties? Residents who value life and their surroundings would opt for a safe and secured e-waste disposal system that is being offered by All Green’s Electronics Recycling Folsom Services.

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IT Asset Disposition

Recycle-ElectronicsEvery business is faced with the challenge of ensuring roper disposal of electronic wastes. This is a concern that is shared by business operating in the US and other parts of the world. But the challenge does not end there. A bigger challenge is the selection of a reliable service provider who will handle your e-wastes with the aim of protecting your business interests and the community where you belong. This is where our premium-class electronics recycling comes into play.


Folsom Electronics Recycling Location

We are close to where you are in Folsom. Trust us and your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Efficient Electronics Recycling and Brand Protection

Our goal to is ensure the recovery of end-of-life assets for a wide range of electronic wastes. We handle gadgets, appliances and even medical equipment. While we recycle e-wastes, we also bare in mind the need to generate returns from still useful items that we extract from the electronic equipment that you entrust to us. Do not hesitate. We promise to give you only the best quality service that you truly deserve.


Folsom Hard Drive Shredding, California

We use All Green’s custom -built trucks for on-site hard drive shredding. Our personnel and equipment are sent to where you are so you will no longer have to endure the hassle of having to transport your electronic equipment. Data destruction right at your door step will also allow you to observe the entire process so you can be assured that everything that we do is safe and secured. We do everything right because we value your security.

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