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Electronics Recycling in Mill Valley

It’s now easy to recycle, reuse, donate, or remarket old electronic devices in Mill Valley, California. Rely on All Green Recycling’s tested IT Asset Disposition and Data Security Services.


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Recycling old electronic devices is now easy with All Green Electronics Recycling system. Count on our services today.

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We have world-class IT Asset Disposition Services that are fit to your needs. Disposing of old IT items is easy.  

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Data Destruction

Let us help protect your business through our certified Data Destruction services. We can meet your needs.

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Equipment Destruction

We have a secure Equipment Destruction program. Choose All Green right now to protect you from identity theft.

Electronics Recycling Mill Valley Services By All Green

Electronics Recycling Mill Valley CA

Did you know the real reasons why you have to dispose of your old electronic devices properly? You can read here the six reasonable explanations why you need to do so. First, electronic devices have toxic materials. Second, it is illegal to dispose of your electronic products somewhere. Third, transporting the e-waste items to third-world countries make the people there suffer. Fourth, it is environmentally damaging to dump old computers and other devices into the landfills. Fifth, most parts of electronic items can still be used again. Last, we can create an area of sustainability through a responsible electronic waste recycling system. Because of these reasons, you are now encouraged to try our Electronics Recycling Mill Valley Services.

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Mill Valley, California

This is a city situated in Marin County. This is about 14 miles or 23 km north of San Francisco through the channel of the Golden Gate Bridge. In 2010, the population here was 13,903. It has flat coastal area and marshlands. Furthermore, it also occupies some wooded canyons and areas where redwoods are growing right in the southeastern part of the famous Mount Tamalpais. The zip code used here is 94941 ZIP. This is the same zip code being used by neighboring places such as Homestead Valley, Almonte, Alto, Strawberry, and Tamalpais Valley.

Recycle End-of-Life Electronic Devices for Good

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Recycle Electronic Waste

Everyone must be involved in electronic waste recycling. Why? The reasons stated above are compelling enough for us to be active and dynamic in pursuing, realizing this drive. We need to act together to protect this world from further damage which can be irreversible in the years to come. All we can do now is to put the necessary preventive measures into action.

If you do not use your old computer because you have just purchased a new one that has more beneficial features, you can knock our door to help you recycle and donate your old one to a needy charitable organization. We will help you reach out one that is in need of your old unit. So instead of just placing it in your basement which might lead to illegal dumping, you can start realizing our goal of cleaning up the landfill spaces from e-waste through IT asset donation.

Data Security through All Green Intervention

Destroying the sensitive information that is contained in the disposable hard drives is our expertise. If you avail our hard drive shredding services (on-site or off-site), you will be assured that your business brand will be protected well. For more information about our data security and other related Electronics Recycling Mill Valley Services, you can contact us today.