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Electronics Recycling in Menlo Park

All Green Recycling is a certified electronics disposal service provider with IT experts who know how to safely and securely practice Electronics Recycling Menlo Park.


Electronics Recycling

Our electronics recycling process is the best because we use technology with high standards to lessen or eliminate the negative impact of e-waste on the environment.

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IT Asset Disposition

We are experts in safe information technology equipment recycling service. We even refurbish and remarket old equipment for you to have monetary returns.  

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Data Destruction

We are not only the best service provider because of our environmental policies but also because we make sure that your sensitive information will remain confidential.

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Equipment Destruction

We take data security very seriously, so we provide equipment shredding to make sure no information will be recovered from your equipment for disposal.

Electronics Recycling Menlo Park Services By All Green

Electronics Recycling Menlo Park CAThe community is the best safeguard against environmental degradation. From information dissemination to activities like electronics recycling drives, it is essential that the people themselves are actively doing Electronics Recycling Menlo Park. It might be a surprise to many that a good chunk of the American population is still not aware that it is illegal to throw away electronics just about anywhere. The community should inform every resident that it is their responsibility to ensure that not a speck of electronics will reach the landfill.

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Keep California Eco-Friendly with Electronics Recycling Menlo Park

Every electronic contains dangerous chemicals. An old television, for example, has a high concentration of lead and mercury in it. There are dangerous repercussions if we allow some citizens to just throw away old television sets in the landfill. These items will quite possibly leak some of its chemicals and pollute nearby bodies of water that will eventually lead to the source of our drinking water.

Menlo Park, California

Menlo Park is a California City with an estimated population of close to 34,000. It is considered one of the most educated cities in the world. And to top it off, it is famed for being the home of Facebook. Academics and social media are just two elements that would indicate how technologically savvy this city is. And as implied, this could be home to thousands of electronics that would then be ripe for disposal in a few months.

Earning Cash through IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

The best kind of electronics recycling is when you earn from it. Good thing All Green Recycling exists because our IT Asset Disposition service allows you to at least recover some of your investment from electronics. When equipment becomes obsolete, send it to us, and our team of IT experts will refurbish it so it will be usable again. But we don’t just refurbish end-of-life electronics, and we also handle the IT Asset Remarketing.

Keep Information Safe and Secure

We always pride ourselves on making clients feel secure with our electronics recycling services. We do digital wiping and degaussing before electronics are processed for recycling. This is to ensure that no confidential information will be leaked—especially not under our roof. Our data destruction service is best paired with Menlo Park Hard Drive Shredding. This is because some high-tech gadgets may still be able to recover some piece of information despite the digital wipeout. But when you shred the equipment into minute substances, there will be no way confidential information would leak.

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