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Electronics Recycling in Lakewood

Reach out to All Green Recycling for Electronics Recycling Lakewood Services. This certified service provider is your best partner when it comes to keeping California environmentally friendly.


Electronics Recycling

There are laws against throwing away electronics. Allow us to assist you in Electronics Recycling to be legally compliant.

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IT Asset Disposition

We want to protect your brand while at the same time allow you to enjoy the highest possible return on your recycled IT assets.  

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Data Destruction

Digital wiping of information in old electronics is important to keep confidential and private information safe and secure.

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Equipment Destruction

Don’t allow damaged, recalled, and end-of-life electronics to reach the black market as this will destroy your reputation.

Electronics Recycling Lakewood Services In California

Electronics-Recycling-Lakewood-CATaking care of the environment is a shared responsibility. It is neither the lone task of the electronics recycling service provider nor the homeowner. The job is not exclusive to the government, and a company is not expected to shoulder all recycling responsibilities. If we want to live in a safe environment, then we all have to work hard in keeping our world ecologically safe. Trying our Electronics Recycling Lakewood Services is just the first step to achieving environmental sustainability.

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Lakewood, California

Most Americans are now feeling the effects of global warming. The over 80,000 residents of Lakewood, a city in Los Angeles, California, are no exception. Lakewood is the perfect epitome of a suburb, and the people know that the community will only continue to be a home for safety and security are well preserved. This is why in California, as early as 2003, the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003 was passed. It allows the state to dictate how electronics equipment are manufactured. There are rules and specifications to follow to ensure that electronics will not destroy our world.

Know Your Law: Electronics Recycling Lakewood

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

According to the California law, only 0.01% of cadmium is allowed on televisions and computers with a plasma display. Hexavalent chromium, lead, and mercury are allowed but at just 0.1% each. This is what it means to have a shared responsibility for the environment. No matter how religious a person practices Computer Recycling, if the manufacturer continues to create electronic substances high in toxic substances, then we will still destroy our environment.

Zero-Landfill Policy

All Green Recycling seriously follows the zero-landfill policy, which means that not even a small part of an electronic device is allowed in the landfill. Electronics contain toxic wastes that could easily slither their way to our system. If we allow dangerous components to reach the landfill, chances are these hazardous items will eventually reach our groundwater source.

More Services from All Green Recycling

All Green Recycling provides the best services:

  • Electronics Recycling
  • IT Asset Disposition
  • Data Destruction
  • Equipment Destruction

Its facility is equipped with the best technology to handle the services mentioned above. It also has some mobile vans that are also tech-heavy. The mobile facilities were incepted because some companies are wary about having electronics equipment leave the confines of their offices. This way, our clients can watch their electronics undergo equipment shredding.

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