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Electronics Recycling in Isleton

All Green provides Isleton with Responsible Recycling Solutions for Disposing and Destroying End-of-Life Electronics and Equipment.


Electronics Recycling

Recycle your obsolete and unwanted electronics responsibly. Let us make it easier for you with our drop-off locations and pick-up services.

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IT Asset Disposition

Streamline your IT Asset Disposal process. We provide customized solutions to match your business needs. Call us right today.  

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Data Destruction

Manage your data security risk. Let All Green Recycling help you safely and securely destroy any residual data from your devices.

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Equipment Destruction

Protect your business brand. We have the best services to crush and shred any defective products or faulty equipment securely.

Electronics Recycling Isleton Services In California

Electronics Recycling Isleton CaArman Sadeghi founded All Green Recycling after watching a 60 Minutes report on how recyclers in the US claimed to be recycling electronics properly but in reality were exporting toxic e-waste to Guiyu, China where unsafe dismantling and reprocessing occurs. Moved by what he saw about the sub-standard state of electronics recycling in the US, he decided to start a company which would provide environmentally and socially responsible recycling. To this day, our company values of People, Planet, and Passion guide us as we offer solutions to help our clients dispose of their end-of-life assets in a manner that protects the environment and the community. We strive to make electronics recycling easy and efficient through our drop-off locations and pick-up services. We recycle everything that comes into our facilities, and we never send anything overseas for processing. All Green is proud to provide these Electronics Recycling Isleton Services.

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Isleton, California

Isleton is a city in Sacramento County, California located on Andrus Island, along with the Sacramento River delta. Josiah Poole founded it in 1874. The town boomed when agriculture developed, and canneries opened up in around the delta, with over 90% of the workforce being comprised of Asians who immigrated to the area. Isleton Main Street was divided into the Chinatown (West Side) and Japantown (East Side) and these two districts have been included National Register of Historic Places for their historical significance. At its peak, the Chinese district had about 1500 people. According to the 2010 US Census, Isleton’s population had decreased to 804. All Green is proud to offer the residents of Isleton with e-waste services.

Secure Asset Disposals

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Our ITAD program provides the best ways to dispose of obsolete IT assets without harming the environment and without compromising data security. We have the expertise to process electronic waste while guaranteeing that any residual data within will not end up in the wrong hands. As part of our program, we offer secure data destruction through data wiping and media degaussing, as well as hard drive crushing and shredding. So whether the electronic devices are refurbished and remarketed, or further processed and scrapped for resource recovery, our clients can be assured that data can no longer be retrieved and exploited for malicious purposes.

Certified Isleton Equipment Destruction

In cases where clients need to recall unwanted or defective products or destroy equipment containing classified information, we are certified to provide secure equipment destruction services by the applicable industry standards. We offer convenient on-site destruction services should clients decide to manage and witness the process on their premises.

We also provide off-site destruction services, where we provide secure transport to our facility. We employ a comprehensive inventory tracking system to secure proper chain of custody and transparent audit trail for the assets. At the end of the process, we issue a Certificate of Destruction to attest to the compliance with destruction requirements.

Responsible Recycling

We are committed to making the world a better place and strive to conduct our business without harming the environment, worker health and safety, our clients and our community. Find out more about our Electronics Recycling Isleton Services and our Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy.

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