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Always protect your brand with All Green Recycling, the world’s leading electronics recycler. Call this certified service provider for Electronics Recycling Imperial Services.


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Practice environment-friendly e-cycling with our certified and hassle-free services that follow the highest global industry standards.

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IT Asset Disposition

Make sure retiring old electronic equipment does not leave you empty handed as our IT Asset Disposition service aims to earn.  

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Data Destruction

Keep company information private by making sure data undergo digital wiping through our Data Destruction service before disposal.

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Equipment Destruction

Protect your brand by making sure that equipment that becomes subject to product recall will go through Equipment Destruction.

Electronics Recycling Imperial Services In California

Electronics Recycling Imperial CAThere are 7.4 billion people in the world. And almost half of that—or about 3.6 billion people—are using the internet, according to the Global E-Waste Monitor 2017. Further, the study indicated that 54% of households have internet access. Also, 48% percent of households have at least one computer. But the computer is not even the most popular electronic equipment there is. After all, owning a smartphone is just like having a personal computer right in one’s palm. But the price we have to pay when we enjoy our electronic devices is high. If we want to continue to have a sustainable environment, we should make e-cycling a habit. So, try our Electronics Recycling Imperial Services today.

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Imperial, California

If we want the entire state of California to be the most environmentally compliant state in the US—or even the world—we have to start in each city or town. Imperial is a desert city in Imperial County, California. It had close to 15,000 residents as of the last population count, which was in 2010 yet. Imperial is one of the hottest cities in the country. So imagine how hot it is going to be when we feel the total effect of global warming because of the improper way we dispose of electronic wastes.

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IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

All Green Recycling will assist you in retiring your old computers. One of our more popular services is the IT Asset Disposition. In this case, we will help you with the disposal process starting with the packaging of electronic equipment. After transport, our team of IT experts will look into the equipment and assess the work that needs to be done to refurbish the equipment. After which, we will handle Imperial IT Asset Remarketing to entice buyers.

Imperial Electronics Recycling through All Green Recycling

According to the same report, 95% of American adults own a mobile phone—77% of them own a smartphone. But whether it was a regular cellular phone or a smartphone, the fact remains that this electronic equipment contains toxic substances that are not good for the environment. Check out the available E-Waste Management Solutions in order to make sure that our old cell phones will be sent to recycling and not to the landfill. All Green Recycling provides various electronics recycling and disposal services that follow industry standards and more.

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