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Electronics Recycling in Holtville

Make California the most livable state in the world through Electronics Recycling Holtville. Take it one city at a time with the help of All Green Recycling.


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It is illegal to throw electronic wastes in the landfill spaces here or abroad. Send them to us for proper e-cycling.

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We have a holistic approach to IT Asset Disposition - from packaging to refurbishing to remarketing. Call us now.  

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Protect your reputation by making sure that our Data Destruction service also protects your clients' industry secrets.

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Our facilities follow the highest standards in the industry to ensure safe and secure Equipment Destruction service.

Electronics Recycling Holtville Services In California

Electronics Recycling Holtville CA

The United States is a big brother to a lot of developing nations. This is why it is such a shame that our country is also among the highest contributor of e-waste to other nations. A number of African and Asian countries have become a dumping site for electronic wastes from First World countries. Of course, some of these developing nations acquiesce because they are paid a big sum. But we have to remember that we just live in one world. The electronic wastes of other countries are also ours. We can always keep our country environmentally secure one city at a time. We can start cleaning up the entire city with Electronics Recycling Holtville Services in California.

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Holtville, California

Holtville is known as the Carrot Capital of the World. It is a city in Imperial County, California with a population of more or less 5,000 people. It was previously called Holton City. If Holtville residents recycle old electronics in their city, then this is a chunk of electronic wastes less for the entire country. It means that electronic wastes to be disposed of in other countries will also be lessened. We are not only doing a service to our environment, but we are also helping developing nations.

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All Green Recycling knows how crucial electronics disposal is to some companies. This is why it has acquired all the necessary certifications to indicate that it has the appropriate equipment, skilled workforce, and technologically advanced facility to handle electronics recycling and other related activities. Our Holtville Hard Drive Shredding service ensures that your equipment is safe from the start of the process until the end. We understand how important security is, so we have also managed a system will allow you to monitor your equipment.

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When you tap us to handle all e-waste related services, we respect that your choice is because you want a safe and secure service. Our IT Asset Disposition program follows the appropriate protocol to keep you feeling secure and protected. Besides, we are aware of the financial and legal liabilities of our company if we don’t handle this procedure properly. Through a dialog, we will initiate a secure chain of custody of the electronic equipment.

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