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Electronics Recycling in Hidden Hills

All Green Recycling is a certified electronics recycling service provider that follows the highest industry standards to ensure environmentally friendly practices.


Electronics Recycling

We recycle old computers, laptops, cellphones and other electronics in an eco-friendly manner because we respect the environment.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our IT Asset Disposition service allows you to keep tabs on your end-of-life electronics with the aim of somehow recovering parts of equipment.  

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Data Destruction

Keep private and sensitive data by allowing us to digitally wipe everything stored in electronic equipment before they are sent to disposal.

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Equipment Destruction

Call us if you want to schedule an on-site or off-site equipment destruction service with our high-tech mobile facility. We’re reliable in this field.

Electronics Recycling Hidden Hills Services By All Green

Electronics Recycling Hidden Hills CaWhen it comes to affluent communities, the first thing people are bound to mention is Beverly Hills. But there is another Hills that is more than double the affluence of Beverly Hills—it is called Hidden Hills. This is a gated community in Los Angeles, California, that has become a city on its own. For a rich neighborhood like this, people are expected to practice Electronics Recycling Hidden Hills because of the predicted quantity of electronic wastes in the area.

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Hidden Hills, California

During the last census in 2010, it was determined that the city had a population of 1,865. This is down from over a decade before where the population was recorded at 1,875. Is this a sign that economy is getting bad? After all, the median income of the families living in this city is believed to be over $200,000. That’s more than double the $85,000 median income of Beverly Hills. But this is not surprising considering the number of celebrities living in the area.

Hidden Hills Electronics Recycling for a Clean and Green California

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

All Green Recycling will serve any kinds of electronics recycling demands—whether to cater to celebrities or not. We have a secure computer recycling services, which is precisely what celebrities demand. A lot of the celebrities are paranoid about their private lives going public—and for a good reason. How many paparazzi have stalked them to gain access to their lives and sell them to the public? All Green Recycling possess Hidden Hills E-Waste Management Solutions that will ensure all secrets remain as such. First off, we make sure that no information will remain in electronics sent for recycling through our data destruction service.

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If celebrities are still wary about their sensitive information despite the data destruction, then we also do equipment destruction. And to prevent another cause for concern, we do on-site shredding just for our client’s peace of mind. But one of the most popular services that people employ from us is our IT Asset Remarketing program. When your electronics are already up for disposal, our team of experts will look into your equipment and do its magic to them useable again. After we have refurbished the item, then we will remarket it for you.

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