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Electronics Recycling in Guadalupe

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Electronics Recycling

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IT Asset Disposition

Don’t let yourself suffer from big fines due to improper e-waste disposal. Try our tested IT Asset Disposition service  

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Data Destruction

We can protect your business brand through our secure Data Destruction service. We are in this industry for years.

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Equipment Destruction

Our Equipment Destruction is certified. We want you to feel the convenience as we deliver excellent results.

Electronics Recycling Guadalupe Services By All Green

Electronics Recycling Guadalupe CA

By recovering the parts of old electronics, we can produce a new stream of new tech commodities. This process can reduce the risks that the electronic waste products can trigger. It is the reason why a responsible e-waste recycling is encouraged. Earth911 reported that there are 9.4 million tons of electronic trash that the Americans are discarding every year. This figure is even rising year after year. If it continues, our doomsday is nearing. So we have to embrace a system that can alleviate and also stop the wrong practice of improper e-junk disposal. In this location, you can try our Electronics Recycling Guadalupe Services in California. We designed this solution to make proper e-junk management easy and convenient.

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Guadalupe, California

Guadalupe is a small city that is found in Santa Barbara County. In 2010, its population was 7,080. Santa Maria, another city that is economically and socially tied to Guadalupe, is just ten miles to the east away from this city. Its specific location is on Highway 1, the southern part of the Santa Maria River. This location is also five miles away from the eastern section of the Pacific Ocean.

Premium Guadalupe IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Electronic equipment has non-public, sensitive data, unlike other IT products. These are the data that companies are legally and ethically mandated to protect. So, improper disposal of e-waste is strictly prohibited as it can lead to unwanted data breaches. For your old electronic equipment, you should recycle and reuse it to avoid big fines and other repercussions. Instead of throwing an old computer away, you should consider recycling and resell it.

Our electronics recycling service is certified and secure. It is the only way for you to dispose of your accumulated retired mobile devices and other stuff properly. If you can’t schedule an electronic waste pickup schedule today, you should find our nearest drop-off location.

The Right Hard Drive Shredding Process

We want to protect your business. Hence, we also offer another service – data security through hard drive shredding. As mentioned above, you can be fined big if you forget to dispose of your old electronics properly. Try our shredding process that is done on-site or off-site.

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