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Electronics Recycling in Goodsprings

All Green provides Goodsprings Electronics Recycling Services that maximize the value out of end-of-life assets while minimizing environmental and data security risks.


Electronics Recycling

Drop off your obsolete phones, laptops, computers and other IT equipment for recycling. We have drop-off locations near you.

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IT Asset Disposition

Retire old assets without worry. We have the ITAD expertise to help you transition with ease and maximize the value of your assets.  

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Data Destruction

Our data-wiping technology is DOD certified. Trust us to securely sanitize any residual data from your IT equipment assets.

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Equipment Destruction

We have the necessary security clearance and training to conduct equipment destruction in compliance with industry standards.

Electronics Recycling Goodsprings Services In Nevada

Electronics Recycling Goodsprings NV

E-waste contains a lot of things. It contains hazardous components such as mercury, cadmium, and beryllium, which could damage the environment and cause adverse health effects. It also has non-hazardous components such as gold, silver, and copper, which could be recovered for reuse and resale. However, what some people fail to realize is that e-waste also has an intangible component – residual data – which could potentially be hazardous if recovered and exploited by unscrupulous individuals. Our certified recycling facilities provide comprehensive Electronics Recycling Goodsprings Services.

All Green considers all these things when recycling electronics. Through responsible recycling practices, we strive to maximize the value that we can get from e-waste while protecting the environment, our clients, and our community.

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Goodsprings Computer Recycling

An unincorporated community, Goodsprings is part of Clark County in Nevada. Its name derivation came from Joseph Good. Although he discovered silver near the springs in 1861, the town only got established in around 1868 when more silver and lead deposits were discovered. The area eventually developed into a thriving mining-ranching community, generating 1/3 of the total metal production for the County. It made it the center of one of the most productive mining districts in Southern Nevada, providing a variety of minerals such as lead, zinc, gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, platinum, and palladium.

While most of the mines have closed after WWII, the community is proud of the still operating Pioneer Saloon (built in 1913) and the Goodsprings General Store next door. Its population at the 2010 census was tallied at 229, many of whom are Las Vegas commuters. All Green is proud to provide Goodsprings with convenient recycling services for their end-of-life mobile phones, laptops, computers, and other IT equipment.

Responsible E-Waste Recycling

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

We handle e-waste in compliance with EPA guidelines and have the expertise to dismantle electronics so none of the hazardous components would cause environmental harm. We also have the technology to shred and separate the dismantled parts for further reprocessing and materials recovery. Commodities sold as a result include plastic, glass, and precious metals. We are also capable of refurbishing, remarketing, and de-manufacturing assets to maximize their value. Most of our processing is done in our facilities in Southern California, and we partner with other responsible recyclers for further processing and refining within North America. We never send out anything to third world countries to be reprocessed or dumped in landfills.

Goodsprings Hard Drive Shredding

Specific industries have strict data destruction standards to protect the interests of their customers and the public in general. We offer certified data sanitation and destruction services that enable our clients to comply with these regulatory requirements. As an added measure, we also offer services to physically crush and shred the actual devices, hard drives, and other media containing the data, effectively rendering them “dead” and making it virtually impossible to retrieve any information. When you recycle your end-of-life electronics and IT equipment with All Green, all these solutions are made available to you. You can be assured that your data, and your reputation, will be safe with us.

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