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Electronics Recycling in Gardena

Dispose of those old electronics products inside your home or office. All Green will come to you for a free pick-up service in Gardena, California.


Electronics Recycling

Help us succeed in our efforts to decrease the volume of electronic waste products through tried and tested e-waste management solutions.

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IT Asset Disposition

Save the environment by letting us recycle your old IT products.  All Green follows the protocols in e-waste recycling and IT asset disposition  

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Data Destruction

Proven methods and manual destruction of hard drives or other electronic media will ultimately ensure that no data will ever be recovered.

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Equipment Destruction

All Green uses legally authorized types of machinery that comply with HIPAA, DOD, and CPSC to ensure proper equipment destruction.

Electronics Recycling Gardena Services In California

Electronics Recycling Gardena Services CA

The industrial sector is fully aware of the marketability of secondary raw materials coming from recycled end-of-life electronic equipment. According to EPA, there are severe consequences of improper handling of used electronics. One particular repercussion is its threat to human health and the environment. Electronics Recycling Gardena Services can address the growing problem of electronic waste. Federal and state laws regulate the city`s e-waste recycling program, which has earned support from a considerable number of communities in Gardena.

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Gardena, California

Gardena is a city that belongs to the South Bay region of Los Angeles County. It had a population of 58,829 in 2010. The demographic data recorded that year increased from 57,746 in 2000. It is the city with the highest percentage of Japanese-American inhabitants in entire California.

Economic Boost through IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

All Green’s IT Asset Disposition aims to help people, especially business owners, to recover the returns from their old IT equipment. Old IT products contain valuable raw materials such as copper, gold, aluminum, silver and other heavy metals. These raw materials can be recovered and repurposed to produce new IT equipment.  

Gardena Electronics Recycling will not dispose of any consumer electronics or excess materials from recycled products to rot in the landfills. Our company provides refurbishing services for old laptops, personal computers, and smartphones. Our Gardena Hard Drive Shedding ensures there`s no single private information will be revealed to other people or entities.

All Green’s Data Destruction: Your Safety and Reputation Is Our Priority

All personal information is kept private. We have a team of professionals who are meticulous enough to observe the standard operating procedures on data privacy.

One of the company’s objectives on IT Asset Disposition is to segregate all equipment according to their purpose and the method of destruction.

We eradicate your private information to protect critical business information. We utilize degaussing, or the process of wiping off the magnetic field to delete all of the stored files. We also use advanced software system to wipe off or overwrite media files

Data destruction aims to destroy the tech items manually to safeguard important private information. Most of the time, we customize data eradication that caters to the needs of our clients. Moreover, to ensure effective electronics recycling Gardena, All Green has secured its facility and state-of-the-art equipment. Only authorized personnel can operate the machines.

Through Electronics Recycling Gardena Services, the city is highly capable of maintaining the potable and safe water system. Contact All Green Recycling today for more details and information.