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Electronics Recycling in Fortuna

All Green Recycling is glad to offer the best e-waste management services in Fortuna, California. Let us help you recycle all your EOL electronic devices today.


Electronics Recycling

We offer secure data and equipment destruction, hard-drive shredding, global IT asset disposition, and e-waste recycling.

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IT Asset Disposition

Get up to 70% returns on retiring IT Asset. Our registered ITAD services and hard drive destruction team protects your brand.  

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Data Destruction

Our ultimate goal is to protect your brand, and it is our mission to give you the highest return possible on your assets.

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Equipment Destruction

We have convenient equipment pickup and online reporting to monitor your assets from the time we move them until the end.

Electronics Recycling Fortuna Services By All Green

Electronics Recycling Fortuna CAElectronic recycling gives you an idea of how you can use old equipment. Electronics Recycling Fortuna Services is the solution you have to try to dispose of your e-junk properly. We have the best and highly innovative solutions to your electronic problems. If you have old computers, mobile phones, telephones, telefax machines, printers, monitors, and other EOL IT equipment, you can count on our premium solutions.

Our main goal is to promote a green and e-waste free environment. It is achievable through our collective effort and action. Scheduling our e-waste pickup through the link button below is your first step.

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Fortuna, California

Fortuna is located in Humboldt County, California, North Coast Area with 11,029 residents. Because of its Mediterranean climate, it is also called as the “Sunny Fortuna.” The city is famous for hosting numbers of festivals and events. To keep this town highly-maintained and free from e-wastes call us right away.

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Recycle Electronic Waste

With too many innovations and newly released models every year, people are also excited and attracted to buy new ones because of the upgraded features being offered. Hence, those old models once broken or dysfunctional it becomes idle in the corner of the house or office.

One of the wisest options that the owner can think of is to recycle that old stuff instead of throwing it. By just doing this, there are incredible advantages you can benefit from it. First, you can preserve the natural resources because electronic recycling also means a reduction of new items to be used in new equipment. Plastic and glass from old computers can be recycled and used again. Second, through e-waste recycling, low-income families, charitable organizations, and even schools can also benefit from this.

We give free pickup services that will provide you with a hassle-free transaction.

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The debate on equipment destruction and how they can affect the environment most especially at their disposal is still unclear and ongoing. Technology control people, how those people work, communicate, and so much more. The electronic devices have penetrated every home and human activity. Hence, companies have augmented the production of those devices without even thinking of where to dispose them whenever they become obsolete, broken, and dysfunctional. Recycling of e-waste is the best way to lessen them.

All Green offers the best solution to e-junk disposal and recycling. Our plans and solutions provide the most advanced procedure to secure data destruction.

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