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All Green Recycling is here to help you with your e-waste concerns through our advanced management solutions. We guarantee you 100% quality service all the time.


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We are known because of our tested and proven services. With us, you can experience hassle-free electronic and data destruction.

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We offer top-quality ITAD solutions. Many customers applaud our plans and programs in Ferndale, California. Choose All Green Recycling now.  

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Data Destruction

To delete data and information is our expertise. We will never disclose nor compromise any of it, may it be personal identity or business brand.

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Equipment Destruction

Obsolete and defective equipment should be destroyed properly. We are here to help you with this without putting your business at risk.

Electronics Recycling Ferndale Services By All Green

Electronics Recycling Ferndale CAThere are many reasons why to consider our electronic management system. E-waste, this is one of the biggest and serious problems that need immediate attention. We cannot deny the fact that economic globalization is life-changing, providing us easy access to almost everything. However, after the excessive use of electronic products, this will lead to the enormous generation of e-junk. Even people today are insensible in throwing away their e-waste products somewhere else. Will those be recycled or just piled at the back of the office or will they be landfilled until they will be rotten? Electronics Recycling Ferndale Services is here to do the job correctly.

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Ferndale, California

Ferndale in North Coast area is just a small city in Humboldt County, California. With 1,371 people living here the place is clean, manageable, and highly maintained. All Green is happy to serve and help the residents in the area. We are always ready to help them regarding their e-waste disposal to keep the city clean and all green.

Ferndale Electronics Recycling: Proven as Effective to Recycle E-Junk Efficiently

IT Asset Disposition

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Electronics Recycling is concerned about the environment helping to decrease the 1.5 tons of contaminants that the process of mining releases into the water and mixed in the air we breathe. Thus, if recycling will be done this will be a big help for the conservation of biodiversity. All Green power boosts the utilization of e-junk and later on will not only conserve the natural resources but saves energy too.

Another reason why this whole process makes sense is the fact it contributes a lot to a wealthy, eco-friendly, and healthy lifestyle of the residents of Ferndale.

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Secure data destruction is done efficiently. It is our job to re-purpose old mobile phones, laptops/desktops, and other IT equipment. Schedule our pickup service for free. You can also go to the nearest drop-off location so you can surely avail our top-notch e-waste solution and management.

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