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Electronics Recycling in Exeter

Protect your city and the entire state of California through All Green Recycling, which is a certified service provider for ecological electronics recycling services. Start with Electronics Recycling Exeter Services.


Electronics Recycling

Bring old computers, servers and other electronics that are no longer useable to our facility for ecologically-friendly and responsible recycling.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our ITAD services take prime consideration of security and convenience. You may also track your equipment through our online system.  

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Data Destruction

Digitally wipe out sensitive and non-public information from your old electronic items because there is technology now that can detect jewels.

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Equipment Destruction

We make sure that electronics undergo proper shredding—whether onsite or offsite—to ensure that no equipment would reach the black market.

Electronics Recycling Exeter Services In California

Electronics Recycling Exeter CAThere are many ways to practice green living. One of the most important environmentally responsible things we can do is to recycle EOL IT equipment through Electronics Recycling Exeter Services. But this activity should always be coupled with environmentally acceptable practices about computers. Always turn off or put computers in sleeping modes in order to save on hundreds of watts of electricity. Electronic usage is directly related to our e-wastes because the more electricity we use, and the more carbon monoxide spent, the more e-wastes we produce.

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Exeter, California

Known as the Citrus Capital of the World, Exeter is a city in Tulare County in California. According to the 2010 census, over 10,000 people are living in the city. It is largely an agricultural city as evidenced by its 31 murals, a popular tourist attraction in the city. The artworks represent Exeter’s rich agricultural history. And if you want to sustain the city’s robust agricultural activities, residents should be more circumspect and responsible in handling electronic wastes. Computer Recycling is way too easy with All Green Recycling.

Ensure Safe and Secure Recycling

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

One of our best practices is the Exeter Hard Drive Shredding, which we also made convenient for you. First off, hard drive shredding is essential in two points. For one, this could be the best complementary activity to digital wiping so you can be assured that no technology will be high-tech enough to uncover data stored in electronic devices. Data destruction is best paired with hard-drive shredding, which will turn devices into minute pieces that could easily be lost in the area. Secondly, in cases of a product recall, going through hard-drive shredding means it would be impossible for your electronic products to be resold on the black market.

Exeter Electronics Recycling with All Green Recycling

There are two ways you can send your electronics for recycling with us. One, you can always drop off your e-waste at the nearest All Green Recycling facility. Two, you call our landline and schedule an e-waste pickup. Just leave the time, date and place, and our state-of-the-art mobile van will take the electronics off your hands.

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