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Electronics Recycling in Del Mar

Try All Green Recycling, a certified E-Waste Recycling Service Provider, to handle Electronics Recycling Del Mar Services in California.


Electronics Recycling

Conveniently recycle electronics with by calling for our pickup service. We will pick up your e-wastes wherever you are in the country.

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IT Asset Disposition

We value time, and that’s why we make things easier for your—we package, transport and report progress through our ITAD service.  

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Data Destruction

Protect your brand with our data wiping and degaussing services. We also have an online portal so you can trace your old devices.

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Equipment Destruction

For your peace of mind, check out our hard drive shredding service. Watch your electronics destroyed without leaving your premises.

Electronics Recycling Del Mar Services In California

Electronics Recycling Del Mar CA

The turnover of electronics has become pretty high over the years. It is understandable as electronic manufacturers like Apple and Samsung and a few others compete to launch the latest technology at least every year—some less than a year in between gadgets. This is why electronics recycling is more important now than at any other time. Finding the best service provider, though, is quite a challenge. Electronics Recycling Del Mar Services are best handled by a company that sees recycling as more than just a task.

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Del Mar, California

Del Mar, which literally means “by the sea,” is a beach city in San Diego. It is one of the richest cities in California, with a median income of $120,000 per household. The average household income of the entire country is just half of that at $59,039. So if technology turnover is fast in general, imagine what it is in a city like Del Mar where most people can afford the best and most expensive gadgets around.

All Green Recycling for Del Mar Electronics Recycling

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Allow us to handle all recycling needs. The company does not just think of recycling as a means to earn money. It considers environmental protection as an important responsibility. It also takes it upon itself to help the underprivileged individuals however way they can. One way All Green Recycling does this is through its IT Asset Disposition service.

For old electronics, allow All Green Recycling to refurbish them. The company’s team of IT experts will handle improvements in your equipment and then remarket them. They will be cheaper than the original price of course—and that’s how we can help people who can’t afford new computers or cell phones have access to technology nonetheless. It is also a way for owners to recover part of their IT investment somehow financially.

Disposing of Recalled, Returned Electronics

However, for those products that have been issued a recall order or were returned by clients because of technical damage, these should undergo Del Mar Equipment Destruction. You have a reputation to protect. Don’t allow recalled and returned electronics to reach the black market. Remember that these carry your brand, and you don’t want people to think you manufacture damaged goods.

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