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Electronics Recycling in Corte Madera

Make California the most environment-friendly state in the country with the help of All Green Recycling. We make Electronics Recycling Corte Madera Services convenient with our free-of-charge pickup service.


Electronics Recycling

We aim for the highest levels of certification in the e-waste recycling industry because we want to serve the public the best way we can.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our IT Asset Disposition aims to refurbish your old electronic equipment the best way we can so we can remarket them successfully.  

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Data Destruction

We aim to protect you, so we make sure that we securely and safely wipe out your data from electronics headed for recycling and disposal.

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Equipment Destruction

Our state-of-the-art equipment destruction system ensures that none of the electronic devices will find their way back to the black market.

Electronics Recycling Corte Madera Services By All Green

Electronics Recycling Corte Madera Services CAAccording to the United Nations, 2017 saw over 43 million tons of electronic wastes all over the world. However, only about 8.6 million tons were recycled. The United States, being a developed country, is the highest contributor of electronic wastes. According to a waste website, in 2014, there were close to 7.8 million tons of electronic wastes in the US. If we want to make our country safe and environment-friendly, we have to start in our backyard by trying our Electronics Recycling Corte Madera Services.

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Corte Madera, California

Corte Madera, formerly known as Adams, is in Marin County, California. According to the latest census, the incorporated town is home to over 9,000 people. It got its name from its famous redwood trees, which were used in the construction of San Francisco City. Corte Madera means “chop wood.” Preserve the country feel of Corte Madera through electronics recycling.

All Green Recycling for Electronics Recycling Corte Madera

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Trust All Green Recycling to handle Corte Madera Computer Recycling. Every computer contains hundreds of electronic parts that have their advantages and disadvantages. On the bright side, a lot of these small parts are still useful. They can be used to power other electronic gadgets. The goal is to use every part of a computer that is sent for disposal so that not a single speck will reach the landfill. Because here is the negative side of an electronic part, it contains toxic substance like lead, mercury or cadmium. These are dangerous chemicals that are not only bad for the environment; they are also not safe for our health.

Recycling Is the Best Option

All Green Recycling provides secure and safe E-Waste Management Solutions. We only employ IT experts who practice safe IT equipment recycling services. And because of the demand for certified recycling service providers, we have expanded so much all over the country that it is almost guaranteed that we have a facility near you. We also respect a person’s time—we know that time is expensive and it can never be taken back. So we make recycling extra convenient for you. First, if we have a facility near you, you can always drop off your electronic wastes there. But we take it up a notch with our second option because you can call us to schedule an e-waste pickup. We will get your electronic wastes wherever you are in the country because we believe that recycling should not be complicated.

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