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Electronics Recycling in Colton

Electronics Recycling Colton Services will help the state of California become the most livable city in the world with the help of All Green Recycling, a certified electronics recycling service provider.


Electronics Recycling

Private organizations and federal entities send electronics our way because we are the trusted company for electronics recycling services.

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IT Asset Disposition

Since 2008, we have helped various companies recycle electronics while also earning from old ones that are refurbished and remarketed.  

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Data Destruction

A lot of private companies would pay a premium for security, and our data destruction service ensures information is in safe hands.

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Equipment Destruction

Green Pulse, our proprietary software, will make sure that equipment that was returned or recalled will be destroyed entirely.

Electronics Recycling Colton Services In California

Electronics Recycling Colton Ca

Almost all people are probably aware that recycling electronics is a good thing. Unfortunately, not even half of them are willing actually to recycle electronics. Everybody wants an easy life, and it seems like Electronics Recycling Colton Services could mean hard work. For one, you would have to carry your heavy computer or laptop or TV and other heavy devices to the recycling facility. Either that or you have to take your electronic items apart in order reuse some of the parts of the device.

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Colton, California

Also dubbed “Hub City,” Colon is a city in San Bernardino County in California. Based on the intelligent estimate, there are close to 55,000 people living in Colton in 2016. The city is mostly known for its many railroads as it is a transit point. Recycle electronics in Colton in order to have a sustainable environment for the future.

All Green Recycling Makes Colton Electronics Recycling Easy

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

We understand that a lot of people are feeling lazy about recycling. This is why we endeavored to make things easier for clients with our Colton E-Waste Management Solutions.

We provide an easy and convenient electronics recycling service that would cater to the laziest people around. You can just call the facility nearest your home and schedule an e-waste pickup. We have a state-of-the-art van that will pick up your electronic waste wherever you are in the country.

Poor Kids Need Computers, Too

All Green Recycling is not solely about making money with its recycling business. One, it wants to develop a sustainable environment free from the toxins in electronics. Second, it also wants to do its part in providing children living in poverty with viable access to computers, laptops and other devices. Our IT Asset Disposition service does not believe in disposing of our old and damaged electronics. So if you send your used electronic devices our way, we will make sure that these will be refurbished. By the time this is done, we will also assist you in IT Asset Remarketing. The refurbished electronics can then be sold to people who want computers at a very affordable price, a percentage of which will be given to the other management staff.

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