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Electronics Recycling in Calipatria

When electronic wastes are getting out of hand, call on All Green Recycling for assistance. It is the best service provider to handle ecologically responsible Electronics Recycling in Calipatria.


Electronics Recycling

The demand for electronics is excellent, and so we make Electronics Recycling genuinely convenient for you. Trust All Green today.

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IT Asset Disposition

We have a wide range of electronic devices considered for proper IT Asset Disposition. We can also help you remarket your items.  

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Data Destruction

We will protect your data from any breach caused by reckless handling of sensitive information. Try our competent Data Destruction.

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Equipment Destruction

When products reach the black market, your reputation will be at stake. Our Equipment Destruction service aims to prevent that.

Electronics Recycling Calipatria Services In California

Electronics Recycling Calipatria CAAccording to a report, only 25 percent of the world’s electronic wastes are recycled. The main reason for this is that the electronics recycling services are far too few compared to the electronic devices up for disposal. With several electronic manufacturers continually updating technology, the number of electronic wastes will surely surpass the number of recyclers. But nothing should deter you from Electronics Recycling Calipatria Services of All Green Recycling.

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Calipatria, California

Calipatria—formerly known as Date City—is a city in Imperial County, California. It has a population of 7,700, based on the last census. Funny enough, half of the population call just one place home: Calipatria State Prison. Another fun fact for Calipatria is that it claims to have the world’s tallest flagpole at 184 feet. The city decided to create such attraction because it was learned that Calipatria is the lowest elevation city in the Western hemisphere. Because of this, the city strived to have the tallest flagpole so the American flag will always fly above sea level.

All Green Recycling Makes Calipatria Electronics Recycling Easy

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

We are an electronics recycling service provider. Despite its niche program, the company strives to be more than just a service provider. It acknowledges that some people refuse to tap E-Waste Management Solutions because they claim to be always busy with their jobs and personal life. This is why we have a pickup service so that your customers don’t have to overanalyze when and how they can get rid of their e-waste. Just call us and schedule an e-waste pickup.

We Will Take Care of Your Wastes

Who knew there is a company who would take the time to taking care of wastes? That’s All Green Recycling for you. Our Calipatria Computer Recycling aims to use every bit of part from an electronic item. However, there is no need to worry about the data stored in the electronic items. Our data destruction service will make sure that information from the company will be digitally wiped out. It could even be complemented with the equipment destruction service.

All Green Recycling for a Sustainable Future

It is only by taking care of our environment that we are assured of a sustainable future. Recycling old and obsolete electronics is undoubtedly the best way to ensure that the environment will not be harmed by the toxic substances present in every electronic item.

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