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Electronics Recycling in Bunkerville

All Green offers Bunkerville secure Electronics Recycling and Remarketing Services for End-Of-Life IT Equipment and other peripheral devices.


Electronics Recycling

Dispose of your end-of-life electronic products properly. Trust All Green for certified, responsible, and hassle-free e-cycling services.

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IT Asset Disposition

Make smart decisions as you retire your IT Assets. We offer the best services and alternatives to minimize risk and maximize returns.  

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Data Destruction

Data left over in decommissioned devices pose a risk to your brand if it ends up in the wrong hands. Trust us to delete sensitive data.

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Equipment Destruction

Crushing and shredding will offer the ultimate peace of mind as you dispose of defective items. We offer convenient Equipment Destruction.

Electronics Recycling Bunkerville Services In Nevada

Electronics Recycling Bunkerville NVIT equipment and storage devices come and go. Some need to be upgraded for faster, more efficient versions. Some get damaged and would be cheaper to replace than to repair. To recoup some of their investment, companies tend to dispose of these assets by selling them directly or through electronics recycling firms. Unfortunately, there are cases when proper data destruction protocols were missed, and residual data on the assets ended up shared with other people. Take what happened to one utility company, which recycled approximately 230 hard drives to a salvage vendor, who then sold 84 of these online. A utility company found out that it was possible that said hard drives weren’t scrubbed for data and scrambled to track down the items, which contained confidential employee information, customer correspondence, and memos. All Green offers our clients peace of mind with our certified secure data sanitation and asset reselling processes as part of our Electronics Recycling Bunkerville Services.

Typically, the utility company was supposed to have destroyed the drives or scrubbed them in accordance with DOD standards. But in this case, the salvage vendor was supposed to have done the scrubbing before recycling and reselling. This incident is just one of many and illustrates the importance of ensuring proper data wiping protocols and electronics recycling firm selection.

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Bunkerville Data Destruction Services


Bunkerville is a town in Clark County, Nevada, named after Mormon pioneer Edward Bunker. In 1877, Mormon pioneers from Utah, led by Bunker, established the utopian community based on the principle of “United Order.” Under this movement, they relied on sharing the fruits of their labor and enjoyed communal ownership of land. Though this experiment ended in 1880, the community continued to grow. According to the US Census, Bunkerville had a population of 1,303 in 2010. All Green is proud to provide Data Destruction and other electronics recycling services to Bunkerville.

IT Asset Remarketing: Trusted and Credible

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Refurbishing is a cost-effective way of making old and unused equipment functional again. For example, since we are a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we add more value to your PCs and servers by installing genuine Microsoft software prior to remarketing them.

After we sell these assets through our reseller network, we give back a percentage of the net proceeds to our clients, thereby maximizing the return on their investment. Alternatively, clients can choose to share and donate the assets to low-income families, in which case, we have pledged to match the donations one for one.

Data Security

We make sure that all data has been sanitized from the IT assets before refurbishing, reselling, or donating them. We comply with stringent DOD and NIST SP 800-88 standards in data wiping and can provide secure data destruction services as required by different industry regulations. Depending on the nature and sensitivity of their data, clients can select from or combine data destruction services such as data wiping, media degaussing, DOD-certified wiping, hard drive shredding, and more. 

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There are cases when sharing is definitely not caring. With All Green, you can be sure that you can sell and share your reusable equipment, but not your confidential data. Find out more about our Electronics Recycling Bunkerville Services. Contact us now.