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Electronics Recycling in Blue Diamond

All Green provides Blue Diamond with multi-faceted recycling services for processing and refining e-waste.


Electronics Recycling

Surrender your end-of-life electronics with a certified responsible recycler that guarantees eco-friendly results. Recycle with us now.

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IT Asset Disposition

Decommissioning IT Assets for an upcoming change? Let us help you manage this transition seamlessly with our ITAD expertise.  

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Data Destruction

Information left on obsolete assets can be exploited to harm you. Our processes wipe out residual data to prevent this from happening.

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Equipment Destruction

We offer on-site and off-site crushing and shredding services to destroy equipment and make sure they don’t get inappropriately used.

Electronics Recycling Blue Diamond Services In Nevada

Electronics Recycling Blue Diamond NVElectronic waste can be considered a diamond in the rough, which just needs the right kind of processing and refining to be transformed into a valuable commodity. All Green is proud to offer this kind of Electronics Recycling Blue Diamond Services. With our experience and expertise in the areas of Electronics Recycling, IT Asset Disposition, Data Destruction, Equipment Destruction, we can turn your e-waste into functional and profitable assets (through refurbishing and remarketing) and useful resources (through scrapping and materials recovery). Our certified responsible recycling practices guarantee that we accomplish all these while protecting our environment, clients, and community.

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Blue Diamond Electronics Recycling

Blue Diamond is a town in Clark County, Nevada. It is the site of Cottonwood Spring and used to be known as the old settlement of Cottonwood. The Blue Diamond Corporation bought the nearby Nevada gypsum mine in 1923 and built a board-plaster mill in 1941. The town then took on the name of the mine and became known as Blue Diamond with the opening of the post office in 1942. The 2000 US Census puts the town population at 282. All Green is proud to provide the town with multi-faceted electronics recycling services.

Comprehensive and Certified Services

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

All Green was founded in response to the need for recycling services which are environmentally and socially responsible (one that doesn’t ship toxic e-waste to developing countries), and are data security conscious (one that doesn’t resell equipment with residual data still stored on it). We pride ourselves on having attained R2, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certifications for our processes, guaranteeing that we handle e-waste responsibly and securely.


Our Process

We collect end-of-life IT equipment and electronics for recycling through our drop-off locations or pick-up services, and process these in our facilities in Southern California. We partner with other responsible recyclers for reprocessing and refining to make sure that these get processed down to basic commodities within North America. To protect any client data left on these assets, we employ stringent data sanitation and equipment destruction processes such as data wiping, media degaussing, hard drive crushing, and hard drive shredding. With our advanced technology, secure services, and transparent processes, our clients can be assured that none of their data can be recovered and exploited for fraudulent activities. We offer to conduct these services off-site or on-site to suit our client’s needs and provide a Certificate of Destruction to evidence completion.

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Trust us to find and transform the diamonds in the e-waste rough. Find out more about our Electronics Recycling Blue Diamond Services. Contact us now.