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Electronics Recycling in Biggs

California deserves to stay clean and green through Electronics Recycling Biggs. Contact All Green Recycling for a certified electronics recycling service.


Electronics Recycling

The goal is to prevent electronic waste from ever reaching the landfill, which is achieved if people practice Electronics Recycling.

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IT Asset Disposition

We work with customers to limit interruptions at work when it comes to ITAD services. But we do want to maximize returns.  

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Data Destruction

The technology employed in data destruction service is of high quality. There is no way information will ever be retrieved again.

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Equipment Destruction

There are two options when it comes to equipment destruction: on-site shredding or off-site shredding. We value your preference.

Electronics Recycling Biggs Services By All Green


The process of Electronics Recycling Biggs is quite complicated just as technology is not for everybody to understand. This is why it is essential to have a reliable electronics recycling service provider to handle such a thing because of the expertise needed to succeed. All Green Recycling knows what is doing and is trusted by dozens of organizations for several years already. Private and government institutions trust the company to handle electronics recycling responsibly, legally and expertly.

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Biggs, California

Biggs is such a quaint community that it has even experienced a decrease in population over the years. In the last census, which was in 2010, the population count in the city was 1,707. But in 2000, the population was 1,793. The city is known as “Heart of Rice Country” because of its rice production. Its motto is “Where the people own the water and power.” Biggs deserves to preserve its small-town charm through Electronics Recycling in Biggs.

All Green Recycling Handles Briggs Electronics Recycling

Recycle Electronic WasteAll Green Recycling hires the best IT professionals from around the country. Handling electronics is such a complicated matter because of the different parts of a device or gadget. Say a laptop; it has a lot of different parts that will go to different recycling facilities. Only experts can identify which parts should go where. The E-Waste Recycling Management Process involves identifying the parts of the laptop. Say the LCD panel—this contains glass and plastics that will be processed in one plant that would have use of such items. The printed circuit board contains metals that are considered precious: gold, service, platinum, and palladium. These metals could be melted and could then be used for other purposes.

Earning from IT Asset Disposition

All Green Recycling helps some clients recover a part of the financial investment from technology. Electronics eventually reach the end of their IT lives. When this happens, the electronics could be sent for IT asset disposition. This is a like a step higher from the Biggs Electronics Recycling because we will help you not just recycle electronic wastes but refurbish old electronics so they can be remarketed. Refurbished electronics can still be sold because some individuals and communities cannot afford the brand new technology.

But technology has become an important part of our lives that electronic gadgets like laptops and cellular phones have become an essential part of our lives and careers that they can no longer be labeled as luxury items. We will turn over part of the proceeds from the refurbished electronics to our clients.

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