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Electronics Recycling in Benicia

All Green Recycling will recycle all kinds of electronic devices without hassle. Just call our nearest office for Electronics Recycling in Benicia, California. 


Electronics Recycling

There is full coverage for electronic wastes—but whatever it is that you need to dispose of, we can handle it.

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IT Asset Disposition

We respect that you would not want workflow interruption and there will be none through our IT Asset Disposition.  

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Data Destruction

With our Data Destruction service, you have to expect that no data will ever be retrieved from old electronics.

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Equipment Destruction

You can watch your electronics being shredded to pieces with our secure on-site Equipment Destruction.

Electronics Recycling Benicia Services In California

Electronics Recycling Benicia CABy 2021, it is expected that the world will have 52.2 million metric tons of electronic wastes, according to a United Nations (UN) report. The international organization considers e-waste management as an urgent issue especially when it comes to digitally dependent nations. The US, is of course, on top of the list of digitally dependent countries. This is why Electronics Recycling Benicia has just become more important than ever before especially since California is home to a lot of essential industries.

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Benicia, California

Recycle electronics in Benicia, which is a waterside city in Solano County, California. The city has close to 27,000 residents as of the last census. A large part of the city is residential while another part is an industrial area. Tourism is also popular in the city because it has organized various fun festivities over the years. Here are some of the more popular activities in Benicia:

  • Arts Benicia
  • Torchlight Parade
  • Arts in the Park
  • Picnic in the Park & Fireworks
  • Benicia Peddler’s Fair
  • The Holy Ghost Parade
  • Tree City

All Green Recycling for Benicia Electronics Recycling

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Preserve the fun and excitement in the city through Benicia Electronics Recycling through All Green Recycling. The company promises hassle-free electronic waste management. We will pick up e-waste at your preferred venue at your preferred time. You don’t want to add to the 43 million tons of e-wastes disposed of in 2016.

The worst part is that only 8.6 million tons were recycled. So do your part in recycling electronic wastes and make sure that no dangerous metal will reach any landfill.

Recycle Electronics Now!

All Green Recycling practices a zero-landfill policy. It means that none of the dangerous metals found in most electronics: mercury, lead, lithium will reach the landfill. It is very dangerous because these toxic materials tend to reach the groundwater and possibly contaminate our water sources. We have outlined some E-Waste Management Solutions:

  • Electronics Recycling
  • IT Asset Disposition
  • Data Destruction
  • Equipment Destruction

Trusted Service Provider

Our clients range from private organizations, hospitals, IT companies and government agencies. We cater to all kinds of industries. Our goal is simple: we want to provide high-quality electronics recycling service that will ensure environmental sustainability.

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