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We all dream about running our own business


We all dream about running our own business; the freedom to run things how we see fit, the profits from our labor goes into our own pocket instead of someone else’s, the respect from the local community – its empowering and exciting to be at the helm of a successful local business.

With All Green Electronics Recycling franchising you get all this – and more! Just by running your business you will be contributing to the protection of the environment, ensuring that we use our non-renewable resources in a responsible manner, and leaving the world a better place for your children to live in.

How Does All Green Electronics Recycling Franchising Compare to Other Franchises?

Why run a boring service like a launderette or contribute to childhood obesity with a franchised fast food outlet, when you could instead be saving the planet on a daily basis?

Few opportunities allow you to do good deeds while getting paid for them, but with All Green Electronics Recycling franchising every time you make money you’ve also kept those precious metals out of a Ghana landfill, and ensured that used equipment is on its way to be something new again, something useful.

We’re proud of what we do, and so are our franchisees. Dealing with customers on a daily basis is a joy, as we are offering to take their old equipment off their hands and protect the Earth at the same time. We think you’ll love being part of the All Green Electronics Recycling revolution too.

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