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Electronics Recycling in Covina

All Green Electronics Recycling is a globally recognized ITAD Solution provider. We are a more competitive e-waste recycler than others. We have premium Data Security and Equipment Destruction Services.

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Electronics Recycling Covina Services, CA

Covina Electronic Waste Recycling

Covina means “cove” and “vine”. The city got its name from Engineer Frederick Eaton who was commissioned to do a survey of the area in the early 1800s. Eaton became very impressed with the way the valleys formed a natural cove around the vineyards. The Covina Valley Historical Society is tasked to safeguard an extensive archive of the city’s history. All Green’s Electronics Recycling Covina Services own state-of-the-art equipment to ensure data protection.


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IT Asset Disposition


Our streamlined IT Asset Disposition services is the best in the world. It allows our customers the opportunity to earn from the resale of their old assets. We will help you generate revenue from your old computers, servers, cellphones, laptops and network equipment. Our services include a detailed reporting of our work, packing, data destruction, refurbishment and resale. Since we are an authorized Microsoft refurbisher, we are able get the maximum value of your end-of-life equipment.


Covina Electronics Recycling Locations

We will be honored to serve you. See us for your e-waste recycling needs.

World-Class Recycler Gives Back to the Community

E-waste recycling is a commitment that should not only be left for businesses to do. We also teach residents and organizations to importance of environmental preservation. We make sure that we are able to give back to the community that we serve. We also organize a weekly e-cycling event for schools, churches, clubs and non-profit organizations.

Covina Hard Drive Shredding, California

The HIPAA, NIST and DOD implement very strict standards in data protection. We are compliant with them. Reformatting do not destroy the data content of your hard drives. We shred these into very fine pieces. Forensic techniques are now available to facilitate the recovery of data from damaged hard drives. We make sure that this does not happen by carefully shredding the discs.

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