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Electronics Recycling in Coronado

To recycle, reuse, and remarket your IT asset, let All Green Recycling help you through our on-site pickup service in Coronado, California.


Electronics Recycling

Our electronics services are tested to provide results that correspond to your demand. All Green has been in the industry for many years now.

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IT Asset Disposition

Your IT assets that are disposable do still have value. With All Green Recycling, you can still benefit from them through recycling and remarketing.

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Data Destruction

Eliminating your sensitive non-public data is an assurance that you can have peace of mind when your end-of-life equipment is destroyed.

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Equipment Destruction

When your equipment is safe during the final disposal, your reputation is also safe. Rely upon the expertise of All Green when it comes to equipment destruction.

Electronics Recycling Coronado Services, CA

Coronado Electronic Waste Recycling

Did you know that, in average, a person would throw off any electronic gadgets or appliances within four or five years? And a lot of people would see to it they get the latest mobile phone models.

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So where do these old or unused computers, televisions, stereos, refrigerators, and etc. go? They must have piled up somewhere and they will surely cause serious threats to the environment when not disposed properly.

There are many valuable materials that can be recovered from electronic waste. These materials can be manufactured into new products other than electronic items. Tapping those available materials from old or unused electronics can help preserve the virgin minerals found in earth’s crust from becoming depleted just to produce new ones. 

Mining produces contaminants that pollute water and air. Through electronics recycling, we are preserving the raw materials and we are conserving the biodiversity.

Electronics Recycling Coronado, California  makes it convenient for people to have their old electronics recycled. Coronado is a beautiful “resort city” on a peninsula of San Diego Bay. Its beautiful beaches and endless sunshine makes it a great place to relax. 

All Green gives electronics recycling a power boost! Help us protect our environment by sending us any of your old or unused electronic items for recycling. Remember: Every electronic item you throw away has a drawback to the environment. 

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Recycle Electronics in Coronado, CA

The EPA conducted a study and one of the results show that recycling 1 million computers would reduce greenhouse gases. All Green is aware of those facts and figures that why we’ve spent time to develop eco-friendly recycling processes and invest on machines that will do the job.

Starting from IT asset disposition to electronics recycling, we are doing our part to a greener environment. We also secure Coronado, California data destruction from hard drives or storage device. We shred hard drives and computers to ensure maximum data privacy.

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with using the latest mobile phones or tablets. But when everyone takes part in recycling and makes this a priority, mining activities will be reduced. This trims down the percentage of deadly greenhouse gases. What’s more that we are preserving the raw or virgin materials from becoming so used up and they will no longer be available in the future.

All Green cares a lot about the environment — and the future generation as well. Let us keep the environment livable enough for the future generation to experience nature face to face, instead of being stuck in virtual reality.

Join us on our electronics recycling Coronado, California and schedule a pick up today! You can also find a drop-off location nearest you. Don’t throw your electronics right away. Let us pick them up for you and leave us the job of turning those into new, functional products. All Green Electronics Recycling guarantees that your electronic devices will never take up a space in the landfills. 

Coronado Electronics Recycling Location

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