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Electronics Recycling in Corning, CA

All Green is a certified IT Asset Disposition Service provider, so let us help you recycle your e-waste through our on-site pickup service in Corning, California.


Electronics Recycling

All Green is an expert IT recycling service provider and has a fleet of trucks to transport your e-wastes from your office to our facility for proper disposal.

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IT Asset Disposition

We work using a centrally managed and secure IT disposition process that is engineered to ensure full transparency and to have best results.

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Data Destruction

Your hard drives are secured with our world-class data destruction service. We take utmost responsibility and care in effectively erasing all digital data.

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Equipment Destruction

To protect your brand through ensuring that your obsolete equipment is totally destroyed, All Green provides secure and certified equipment destruction services.

Electronics Recycling Corning Services, CA

Corning Electronic Waste RecyclingNearly 100% of electronic waste can be recycled according to environmental experts. Thus, All Green Recycling proudly offers Electronics Recycling Corning Services in California. The main objective of our services is to provide effective e-waste recycling solutions to the residents of this city. Corning is a small city in Tehama County that is home to 7,663 people. Corning is often called “Olive City” and is home to Bell Carter Olive Company, the largest ripe olive company in the world. With our solutions, you can easily help keep this city clean and free from hazardous chemicals present in end-of-life IT equipment.

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IT Asset Disposition


Recycle Electronics in Corning, CAAll Green responsibly recycle all types of disposable electronic devices. All you need to do is to schedule an electronic waste pickup right from your home or office, or you can find a near drop-off location. There are a number of recyclable items in outdated equipment. Those items include plastic, glass, and metals which can be repackaged for reselling. Hence, our IT asset remarketing program is fit for you.  You don’t need to throw your electronics in the trash bin. They have still the value and through our refurbishment and repair system, you can regain as much as 70% out of the total reselling price. All electronic equipment are highly toxic to the environment, but All Green guarantees a way that the hazardous chemicals found in e-waste will never reach the landfills in the country, or will never be transported to the dumping sites abroad.

Corning Electronics Recycling Locations

All Green serves the businesses operating here and the people living in Corning with a trusted e-waste recycling program. Not just in this city, the neighboring towns and cities can also benefit. We have a wide and extensive network of recycling agents and partners. In fact, our operation is covering the entire country and even some countries in North America. We have a nationwide e-waste pickup because we’re one of a few companies having many trucks to load tons of e-waste from a particular point of reference and to unload them in our recycling centers. 

Tested Hard Drive Shredding and Certified Data Destruction

The disposal of computer equipment is a crucial task. One of the main things to prioritize is the sanitation of hard drives where the sensitive business-related and personal data are stored. Digital wiping is our expertise and we use the latest shredding equipment to see to it that only the best results can be attained. Every hard drive is the most sensitive part in every computer unit. Hence, when time comes that your computer has to be discarded, you need the tested solution of All Green, known as secure hard drive shredding data destruction

If you’re looking for a proven electronics recycler, you can contact us today. With us, you’re in safe hands. Our Electronics Recycling Corning Services can assure you that you can achieve your business goals in a convenient and hassle-free way.