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Electronics Recycling in Chico

Let All Green do the right process of recycling, refurbishment, repackaging, and remarketing of disposable IT equipment wherever you are in Chico, California.


Electronics Recycling

For all electronic waste problems in Chico, California, All Green is a tested company that can help you recycle your old computers and other devices.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our ITAD solutions are compliant with government standards and environmental practices. All Green is certified to offer this service.

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Data Destruction

Your sensitive data should permanently be deleted from your old hard drives. Otherwise, you'll suffer from data breaches and hacking.

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Equipment Destruction

We have a proven hard drive shredding that can degauss and erase all media files. Our Equipment Destruction service guarantees best results.

Electronics Recycling Chico Services, CA

Chico ImageAll Green is a certified e-waste recycling company that is now proudly serving the people of Chico through our efficient, effective Electronics Recycling Chico Services. With us, all your electronic waste recycling problems will be resolved. We have the right technology and proper know-how on how to handle your old computers, laptops, mobile phones, and other outdated devices.

Chico is the most populous city in Butte County. It is home to numerous parks and creekside greenways, as well as California State University. To help keep this city and its parks clean and e-waste free, choose us today as we’re more competitive than the other recyclers in town.


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IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronics ImageThe environment is facing problems associated to e-waste accumulation and uncontrolled dumping. All Green has a proven solution. Recycling your old electronics is our main focus that’s why we’re here providing IT Asset Disposition, Hard Drive Shredding, and IT Asset Remarketing.

Through scheduling a pickup today, or finding a drop-off location for future dropping of your recyclable IT equipment, regardless of what you’re doing, we will be doing our best to help you solve your e-waste issues. You have to understand that all electronic equipment is highly toxic. If they’re dumped irresponsibly, they can cause extreme problems. We guarantee best results in meeting your business goals in relation to avoiding your electronic devices from reaching any landfill in the country and abroad.

Chico Electronics Recycling Locations

All Green is professional and expert in handling all types of e-wastes. We will help you in the dismantling and collection of all end-of-life IT asset. We will refurbish those to be subjected for resale thereafter. You earn as much as 70% from the total revenue. 

To help you avoid from the possible risks due to data breach, we also offer a tested hard drive shredding. All sensitive data and information will be deleted permanently, erasing the fear that your business will experience downfall and trouble due to the leaking of non-public information. 

To know more details about our services, please contact us today.